Most Romantic Ways to Propose on Valentine’s Day

Proposing to sweetheart is always an exciting task. However, Valentine’s Day is the day for celebrating romance and love, and you can take your chances! The best things in life don’t come without a struggle, but there is one powerful weapon that will help you to win that biggest battle of life so far. Being romantic is the key here. Here are some most romantic ways to propose to your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day.

1. Buy a beautiful heart-shaped candy box

 Buy a beautiful heart shaped candy box

Get a beautiful heart-shaped candy box and fill it with delightful designer chocolates. Remove the center piece of the box and place your engagement ring there. Get the ring engraved with your own personal message. You can also fill the candy box with some chocolate letters saying ‘Will you marry me’ with the ring nestled inside.


2. Go to a beautiful park

Go to a beautiful park

Another romantic way to propose on Valentine’s Day is to take your sweetheart to a secluded place in a beautiful park. Before coming there, blindfold your girlfriend and lead her to that place. Take off blindfold and let her see a placard that you’ve placed there beforehand decorated with big hearts spelling out ‘Will you marry me?


3. Watch a romantic movie

Watch a romantic movie

If you decide to celebrate Valentine’s Day at home, make sure you have her most favorite romantic movie. Half-way through the movie, let the screen go blank. Now pretend to see what happened and project your marriage proposal on the wall.


4. Buy lots of roses

Buy lots of roses

Get a large amount of red roses and lay out rose petals on her front lawn spelling out ‘Will you marry me?’ If you live together, then lay out rose petals on the floor in the living room. Don’t forget about a ring box!


5. Go to a restaurant

Go to a restaurant

Take your sweetheart for dinner to a luxury restaurant. Try to get a cozy corner seat. In advance, arrange with the manager for what should happen next. Then ask for the menu card. The menu card of your girlfriend will be different. When she opens it, she will read your proposal on it. If possible, replace your proposal in a fortune cookie that will be served with dessert.


6. Make handmade card

Make handmade card

Get a dozen of long-stemmed red roses and make unique handmade card. Affix a battery-powered device to it so that when your girlfriend opens the card, she will hear ‘Will you marry me?’ To the stems of the bouquet tie the engagement ring.


7. Get a soft cuddly toy

Get a soft cuddly toy

Proposal can be nerve-wrecking affair. To brighten the atmosphere, get a teddy bear. Tie an engagement ring around its neck and fit an audio device in the teddy bear. When your girlfriend squeezes the toy, it says the question to her.


8. Plan a romantic dinner

Plan a romantic dinner

Restaurants will be overcrowded on Valentine’s Day, so why not plan a romantic dinner at home? Cook her favorite meals, have chilled champagne and tie a ribbon to the champagne flute. Get your engagement ring attached to a ribbon. Offer her a dessert that has your proposal piped in chocolate around the edge of her dessert plate.


9. Proposal based on her personality

Proposal based on her personality

Depending on your sweetheart’s personality, work out your strategy. If she is the ultra-romantic and feminine girl, propose to her with a beautiful engagement ring. If your girlfriend is the sporty type who doesn’t like heavy-duty emotions, you can go bungee jumping or paragliding and have your proposal written on the back of your parachute! Make sure to jump before she jumps!


10. Plan a romantic private dinner

Plan a romantic private dinner

Arranging for a romantic private dinner is the last romantic way to propose on Valentine’s Day. Plan a romantic dinner on the water or on the beach. Get a plenty of lit candles spell out ‘Will you marry me?’

I know it’s easier to propose to your girlfriend via a recorded voice message or email, but don’t give in to it. Go ahead and propose to your lady-love. What is the best way to propose to your sweetheart? Share your thoughts, please.



Most Romantic Ways to Propose on Valentine’s Day