Are Flip-Flops Bad for your Arch Support and Lower Back?

Are Flip-Flops Bad for your Arch Support and Lower Back?
Are Flip-Flops Bad for your Arch Support and Lower Back?

Are Flip-Flops Bad for your Arch Support and Lower Back? Flip-flops are an amazing pair of open feet wear that are both relaxing and relieving to the feet. They come in many shades and shapes. Basically, they are made from rubber, though some manufacturers have come up with other innovations that include plastic and other materials such as mats.

Any good flip-flop should be able to absorb the pressure of the bodyweight and form to the foot. If they cannot do this, they will probably be uncomfortable in the long run. Flip-flops are perceived to be comfortable; however, long term use introduces some problems.

Flip-flops are in high demand, owing to their pricing and availability. They are worn by people of all ages and are notoriously common at beaches and resorts. Flip-flops are also common in the cities over the weekend and holidays.

The fact that flips-flops are open, flat, and rubber makes them very comfortable to wear. Flip-flops are fit for comfort and should be used when one wants to ease their feet from pressure caused by the closed shoes. Another use is when at the beach or taking a shower in a public shower stall. Flip-flops are sometimes misused. You may find somebody using them for long distances or running in them, which should be discouraged.

Are flip-flops bad for the arch and lower backing?

When one wears flip-flops, their feet tend to feel tired more than when wearing regular shoes. They tend to give a feeling of discomfort, basically because the arc does not hold firmly on them. Some people have complained of pain at the center of their feet by merely putting them on over an extended period. The pressure that should be cushioned by the heel is not, hence resulting in painful feet. For those that wear alternate variations of flip-flops, like slides, you can wear Archtek Socks with these, giving you the arch support you need while allowing you the comfort of wearing flip-flops or slides.

Unlike other heeled shoes that take the pressure, flip-flops are notorious for giving the arc area trouble as far as pain is concerned. Putting on flip-flops can bring back problems depending on an individual’s posture. Not being able to absorb the body pressure makes them poor foot-wear for many, especially when somebody uses them longer than usual.

Flip-flops should be used for the shortest time possible without long movements in them. Prolonged movements can also result in lower back problems. Walking in flip-flops might mean that the wearer might step on uneven ground, resulting in different pressure applications to the lower back, causing injury or even temporary back pain.

As much as one would love their flip-flops, it’s vital to note that they should not use them for long walks due to the risk of stepping on uneven ground. The arc and the lower back may be affected in such circumstances.

As much as we may love them, Flip-flops should be preserved for short term use, especially when one is relaxed and does not necessarily need to move around frequently. One should avoid unnecessary movement in flip-flops.








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