5 Best Shoes for Women Nurses

5 Best Shoes for Nurses : Nurses are some of the medical staff that make the most movements in the medical institutions. They therefore require shoes that give them enough support and shoes that are comfortable to work in, even for long hours. This article will review five of the best shoes for women nurses.

1. Birkenstock Super Birki Unisex Clog

They are structured in a way that creates comfort because they are made in double widths. They are comfortable in such a way that one walks naturally in them. This footwear is recommended on bestwalkingfeet.com because it decreases the pains on the back and the joints. They are pocket friendly. They are long lasting because one can change the foot bed. They are also easy to clean since foot bed can be removed and the clog can be washed.

2. Crocs women’s mercy work clog

They are made of material that can be flushed out easily. They also create comfort and support. They last for long since they don’t constrain. These shoes have threads that are resistant to slippery. This makes the shoes safe to wear. The shoes are also cost friendly. They are structured in such a way that even if the feet can swell, they can still fit comfortably.

3. Birkenstock boston professional

These shoes are made of leather. They are also comfortable because one can adjust the shoes using the straps on the buckles. Cleaning options for these shoes are several. One can clean them using soap or polish them. They take the shape of one’s feet and this enhances the right posture. This in return helps to avoid pains in the back. Birkenstock boston professionals are durable because one can change the foot beds, if one wants to make a change in the height of the arch. The shoes are also affordable.

4. Dansko women’s professional patent clog

These shoes are stylish. The top part of these shoes is made of leather. The structure of this shoe enhances comfort because the shoe’s arch gives the right posture. This in return leads to the decrease of back aches and pains from the hips and knees. They fit the feet properly and have enough space if the feet happen to swell. Cleaning these shoes is also easy. The durability of these shoes is recommendable. The nurses can have these shoes on for long hours since the pressure that is applied on the joints is deducted therefore, reducing the possibility of weariness. These shoes are of good quality and affordable.

5. Skechers women’s loving life memory foam

These shoes are made of fabrics that are meshed. This makes them very light. The foam makes the shoe adapt the shape of the foot. These shoes therefore, can easily and comfortably fit any size and shape of a foot. The comfort helps reduce exhaustion and the nurses can work for as long as they want. This footwear is also cost friendly.


The types of shoes discussed above are highly recommended for women nurses because they all create comfort and support for the feet. This helps the nurses to work for long hours without having complications like back pains and drowsiness. They are also durable hence reducing costs. Therefore, every female nurse should at least own a pair.





5 Best Shoes for Nurses

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