Are More Women Really Inclined to Buy Greener Beauty Products Nowadays?

Are More Women Really Inclined to Buy Greener Beauty Products Nowadays?
Are More Women Really Inclined to Buy Greener Beauty Products Nowadays?

Are More Women Really Inclined to Buy Greener Beauty Products Nowadays? There will be no shortage of women vying for beauty and wellness products. And it’s not just because of the standard reasons like keeping yourself looking good boosts your confidence or it’s simply because society or your culture dictates it. And, yes, some of these reasons will always serve as the main motivations for women to keep using beauty products.

However, we also have to consider the fact that beautifying endeavors are already seamlessly being incorporated into the modern woman’s lifestyle, and that a large part of this can be proven by present-day trends as well. For one, research actually shows that a lot of brands in the cosmetic industry are already beginning to mix beauty and wellness together in the products that they offer.

But Can Beauty, Wellness, Plus the Environment Mix?

In Australia, a great example is the homegrown beauty and women’s health brand called Nutrimetics, which is at the forefront of revolutionizing the cosmetics industry. Simply look at their latest catalogues, and it won’t take long for you to recognize this very trend. You will see bodycare products that take as much great care in being as nutrition-packed as they are beautifying, along with beauty supplements and skincare solutions that give women the vitamins and minerals they need to be healthy. For the most part, their resultant beautifying effects actually stem from ensuring a woman’s optimal health.

And the brand is equally meticulous in guaranteeing that all its products have 100% natural and eco-friendly ingredients. These qualities alone only serve to make them more appealing to women who are well aware of the health impacts of chemicals in artificial cosmetic products.

The concern, obviously, is not limited to possible side effects alone, since these chemicals are, by the same token, environmental hazards too. This, of course, leads us to the main question of this piece. Are women just as motivated to keep themselves looking good as making sure that they are doing their part in environmental protection?

What the Studies are Revealing

The results of the studies (and mind you, the topic has certainly gotten substantial attention from researchers) are interesting, to say the least. According to a 2009 study done in the US involving mostly young, female college students, awareness of the health and environmental repercussions of using beauty products that are not eco-friendly can significantly influence the decision of women regarding the brands that they choose.

In fact, the study also established a solid connection between health consciousness and environmental awareness in such a way that women who prioritize both actually tend to opt for natural beauty products more. This is a very important finding that reveals just. However, many may be quick to dismiss the study as being too focused on young, college girls alone or that it was only conducted in the US.

Nonetheless, practically the same finding has actually been verified in a more recent 2019 study that was done in Hungary, although it included the topic of the consumption of organic food. Yes, there will be women who will not hesitate to buy more “traditional” beauty products but the momentum of eco-friendly products is certainly building thanks simply to information and knowledge about these topics being made more accessible to a lot of people thanks to modern technology.

Better Awareness and Information Dissemination are the Keys

Considering the findings of the studies mentioned above, it goes without saying that raising health and environmental awareness are the keys that unlocked and continues to unlock the doors toward a more sustainable future for the women’s health and beauty industry. This consciousness is undoubtedly what drives producers to establish the current trends that are dominating the cosmetics industry.

What’s good is that more brands like Nutrimetics are joining the fight and aiding in the spread of awareness. These companies do not hesitate to assert and make known to their customers and the public at large the green policies that they consistently develop and strictly adhere to when manufacturing their products.

That the topic is receiving substantial media coverage as well is also a very good sign that the cosmetic industry is headed in the right direction. Last 2016, Allure reported that more millennial women prefer to buy natural beauty products.

A news article on Forbes, on the other hand, underscored the on-going search of the beauty industry for more sustainable practices. It specifically focused on the issue of pollution and waste products that are the direct result of the manufacturing and packaging processes of a lot of cosmetics brands.

These are but some of the platforms that are contributing, one way or another, to the fight to protect Mother Nature. Furthermore, these trends also readily hint that greener and environmentally friendly beauty products may very well become the norm in the future – as it should be. That alone is a comforting and rewarding thought already for those who have been advocating for greener products in the beauty industry for a long time now.


Now that these facts have been laid out, it won’t be hard to answer this piece’s main question anymore. Yes, more and more women are willing to choose greener beauty brands if it means it will mitigate waste production or reduce pollution. And what’s elating is that their numbers are growing. If you are going to actively do your part, then know that its impact will be no less far-reaching and significant.

Be more eco-friendly or take a more proactive stance in spreading the love for our planet. These may be banal and overused statements that you have heard a hundred times before. But, in truth, they are all you’ll ever really need to be inspired to take a more proactive approach in protecting the environment. And, yes, choosing green beauty products over any other product that can potentially damage the Earth already gives you the right to be proud of having contributed to the fight.






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Are More Women Really Inclined to Buy Greener Beauty Products Nowadays?

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