Are Woke Women Hurting the World of Love?

Are Woke Women Hurting the World of Love? A columnist at the Washington Examiner recently posted a story to her Facebook page. The story in question is known as “The Husband Store”, and it’s a story that’s been passed around for quite a while already, often in a joking manner. She did it to demonstrate how the needs of most men are rather simple when they’re compared to the needs of women.

To really get across to her Facebook followers, she even suggested that modern women need to start demanding less of men and life in general. People who have read or heard the story before usually laughed, but this time, it seemed to arouse genuine anger online.

The author, Suzanne Venker, experienced some blowback that she didn’t see coming. Somehow, the post generated roughly a thousand responses, many of whom were mad about it, coming from woke women. Such women aren’t among Venker’s normal readers on Facebook, and they took exception to the idea that women should lower their standards and expectations of men. They even assumed that Venker was arguing women marry any man available and not expect them to do any housework. A few even implied that Venker had stated it was acceptable for men to abuse their women and girlfriends.

Venker claims she didn’t make such specific claims, which is believable considering how patently absurd some of them are. Woke women like these are likely the generational product of certain segments within the far-left end of the cultural and political spectrum across the country. Many women are now resentful and angry towards men, to the point of not having any sense of humor about such issues, and many of them possibly even lack the capacity to think for themselves. Things are so divisive that compromise and even conversation can’t happen between many women anymore. There’s just pure rage.

The columnist is actually a dating coach for women, and many of her clients have been indoctrinated with the misconceptions that men are pure poison. She believes it’s had a profoundly negative impact on everything from dating and marriage to family and parenthood. Client after client, she tries to lay out a new mental approach for them, where women can understand just how different the two sexes are. Rather than treat men like cavemen, she tries to teach them how they can be better lovers themselves and bring the best out of men.

Are Woke Women Hurting the World of Love?
Are Woke Women Hurting the World of Love?

In her column, Venker mentioned Liz Lenz, author of “It Took Divorce to Make My Marriage Equal”. She referenced a point Lenz made about how modern males are doing more around the home than they used to, but it’s still unequal. Furthermore, Lenz claims that when men do contribute, they don’t want just credit but profuse praise.

Venker had a bone to pick with this because many people understand that high praise is far more motivating to get people to do something than pointing fingers or whining about things.

She suggests that modern and successful loving relationships need to see both genders in a new light, one with far more empathy directed towards male partners than currently happens. Women shouldn’t assume that marriage or even men keep them back in life, but their own programming. The degradation of the basic family unit has coincided with the growing belief that men were somehow substandard to women with unrealistic expectations in life, and then men were actually blessed to find women as some kind of prize.

Conservative commentator Tomi Lahren recently pointed out in a video that nearly all of her successful and attractive friends have problems with men. She started drawing the conclusion that the problem might be men.

However, if woke women are agreeing with someone like Tomi Lahren, they’re probably all wrong.







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Are Woke Women Hurting the World of Love?

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