Test Your Hemp Farm Soil in a Third Party Laboratory

Test Your Hemp Farm Soil in a Third Party Laboratory : If you are a hemp farmer and want to enjoy high and quality yields, the secret is having your soil tested and providing the right nutrients. While it is true that you can test the soil on your own, most farmers find it challenging because the process requires you to strictly follow soil testing procedures and have some background in soil science.

The most effective method of soil testing is by using third party laboratories. The labs are well equipped to comprehensively test your samples and relay the results to you immediately. In this post, we will look at the procedure of getting your soil tested in a laboratory.

Importance of Soil Testing in Hemp Farming 

When you plant hemp in your farm, it relies on the soil’s nutrients to grow. By testing your soil, it is possible to know the soil deficiencies and provide the right nutrients. For example, if you test the soil and find that the pH level is low, you will need to use the right fertilizer to increase it to around 6.0 or 7.0.  Other benefits of soil testing in hemp farming include:

  • Understanding the nutrient levels on the soil.
  • Helps you draw a suitable fertility management method.
  • Avoiding over-fertilization.
  • Helps you to optimize nutrients uptake by hemp plants.
  • You are able to optimize production.

Benefits of Testing Soil in a Third Party Lab

As a hemp farmer, you need to appreciate that soil is a highly complex system of biological, chemical, and physical interactions. Therefore, your hemp crops can only thrive when the soil is well-balanced. Because the lab soil analysis is done by experts, they not only test the soil samples, but will also help you to craft the right fertility management strategies. Other benefits of using expert laboratories include:

  • They Use the Latest Technologies for Soil Testing
    Although we agree that using soil testing kits for soil analysis can allow you to establish the key components on the soil, a more complicated method will be needed to test contaminants and heavy metals. By using advanced technologies, such as high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), third party laboratories can test everything in your soil and give highly accurate results.
  • Commitment to See Farmers and the Hemp Industry Grow
    If you select the right third-party lab to test your soil, the goal is not simply to analyze the soil. For example, a lab such as Sante Laboratories is dedicated to helping farmers and the entire hemp industry to grow. This implies that even if you are new to hemp farming, the laboratory experts can help you understand the details of growing healthy hemp crops.
  • They are Fast and Reliable
    Because they are experts and use the latest technologies, your soil analysis will be completed fast. This is very important, especially when you want to use the soil test results to make decisions, such as the fertilizers to buy and which side of the land to farm.

At Sante Laboratories, no effort is spared to ensure that farmers get the highest possible yields. Now, they have entered into a partnership with Lone Star Overnight (LSO) to ensure that farmers can easily get their samples tested. If you are a hemp farmer in Texas, all you need to get your soil tested is taking the sample to LSO. Then they will get the soil to the lab in Houston for testing.

As the hemp industry continues expanding, farmers can only intensify production through good soil management. By partnering with a good third party laboratory, such as Sante, you are assured of success. Let an expert help you to become successful in hemp farming.







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Test Your Hemp Farm Soil in a Third Party Laboratory