Are You Getting Enough Nutrition from the Food You Eat?

Are You Getting Enough Nutrition from the Food You Eat? While taking vitamins and other supplements can be a hassle and even an uncomfortable experience in the morning, the fact of the matter is that by just relying on the food we eat, we’re missing out on tons of nutrients that are important for our daily health. Caroline Alan of Beam Minerals answers questions regarding nutrition support, plant-based minerals, and the benefits of Beam Minerals. 

What do most people miss when they only rely on food for nutrition support?

The sad fact is that, due to decades of production farming and pesticide use, our current food supply is deficient in the full spectrum of minerals our bodies need to function.  It is simply not possible to get enough minerals from the foods we eat.

Mineral depletion is quickly becoming the vanguard of wellness conversations, as health professionals begin to tie many chronic health issues to mineral deficiencies in the body.

Adult women have roughly 37 trillion cells in their body and every single cell requires minerals to complete their intended functions. To maintain healthy homeostasis it is necessary for women of all ages to supplement their mineral intake.

How does Mineral depletion affect women’s health?

When cells do not find the necessary minerals available to complete their functions, they struggle to generate energy. This ultimately results in women experiencing chronic issues such as menstrual discomfort, hormonal imbalances, adrenal fatigue, intestinal inflammation, cramping, dehydration, hair loss, sleep and skin issues associated with aging, etc.

We tend to think of chronic issues as related to an organ, tissue, or system that is having the problem.  But, when you think about it, everything in the body is made of cells, so if you provide the minerals necessary to support every cell in the body, you give all those organs, tissues and systems the support they need to thrive.

Mineral supplementation is a foundational support that can have short and long term health benefits for women, as many of our chronic issues are fueled by mineral deficiencies.  Mineral depletion is a real and present threat to the health of women of all ages.

How do women best replenish minerals in the body?

Many women have a cupboard at home with bottles of supplements, including calcium, magnesium, potassium, etc. In addition, they may have some electrolyte powders or other specific minerals like chromium, iron or selenium, that have been suggested by their health professionals.  Trying to replenish the full-spectrum of minerals a woman’s body needs, via pills, powders and flavored drinks, is ineffective.  These pill and capsule (mega-dose) forms of powdered mineral supplements are only about 10-12% bioavailable and because of their lack of bioavailability, they can cause counterproductive imbalances in the gut.

Plant-based, fulvic and humic minerals provide a simple solution. Designed by Mother Nature, these substances deliver the full-spectrum of minerals a woman’s body needs in a trace-mineral format that won’t cause system imbalances.

What are Plant-based minerals?

What are Plant-based minerals?
What are Plant-based minerals?

Plant based minerals are derived from a completely natural substance called “Humate”. Humate is actually entire ancient rain forests, that have decomposed into a single strata of crystalline substance.  This incredibly mineral-rich substance, called “Humate, has two components that make it the superpower of mineral replenishment.

The first is called “Fulvic”.  The beauty of the Fulvic molecule is that it’s composed of 70+ minerals and is a “Flavonoid”. This means it can carry minerals and nutrients into the cells and toxins, bio-waste and heavy metals out of the cells. Using fulvic can provide incredible support for mineral replenishment, nutrient uptake and cellular detoxification.

The second component of plant-based minerals is called “Humic”. Humic molecules also carry 70+ minerals and make them available to the body, through chemical interactions at a cellular level.  But the key capacity of humic substances is that they are highly effective system detoxification agents.  Humic molecules bind with free-radicals, gather bio-waste/toxins and chelate with heavy metals, ultimately carrying them out of the body.

How do Plant-based electrolytes and minerals differ from most mineral supplements?

Most mineral supplements are made from rocks, shells, salts or bone.  These supplements are generally ineffective for daily replenishment, because they are not easily digested by the human body. If you think about it, it just makes sense, we don’t eat rocks and shells, but our bodies are well-suited to digest plants.

It’s very challenging to get all of the mineral supplementation one needs on a daily basis by taking multiple pills, powders or flavored drinks. Humic and fulvic plant-based minerals provide a full-spectrum of minerals, in the trace amounts, that can be readily utilized and don’t cause the system imbalances that can result from mega-dose formatted supplements

What are BEAM Minerals Supplements?

BEAM minerals supplements are 100% bioavailable, liquid, electrolyte and mineral supplements that provide ALL of the mineral replenishment a body needs.  Most liquid mineral supplements taste horrible and/or have added flavorings that limit their bioavailability.  BEAM Minerals products are completely natural fulvic and humic complexes, manufactured with absolutely no chemicals and mixed with 100% pure water.

How do your products enhance fitness performance?

Electrolyte and mineral supplementation are paramount to fitness performance because people that exercise intensely burn electrolytes and minerals more quickly and building and maintaining muscle requires extra nutrition. Adding effective plant-based electrolytes and minerals provides the mineral building blocks necessary for muscle gain and maintenance and enhances nutrient uptake to fuel high performance.

Is it safe to take vitamins and use BEAM Minerals products at the same time?

BEAM Minerals is a worthwhile foundational supplement for anyone.  Although the humic complexes do have trace amounts of highly bioavailable B-vitamins, BEAM MInerals supplements are not considered vitamin supplements.  However, the flavonoid capacity of the fulvic complexes make all your other supplementation more readily utilizable at a cellular level.

What are the Two flagship BEAM Minerals products

Two flagship BEAM Minerals products
Two flagship BEAM Minerals products

Electrolyze™ is primarily composed of “Fulvic” mineral complexes and offers maximum support for cellular nutrition and electrolyte replenishment in the body. With its unique ionized liquid format, Electrolyze™️ provides 100% bioavailable electrolytes and trace minerals which can be immediately utilized.

Electrolyze™️ has a pleasing golden hue, similar to a cup of tea, yet the flavor is surprisingly mild and tasteless. BEAM Minerals provides a great-taste guarantee.

Electrolyze™️ is recommended for people who:

  • Struggle with energy
  • Experience Dehydration
  • Follow a low-carb or Keto diet
  • Are interested in High Performance

Micro-BOOST™ is primarily composed of the “Humic” mineral complexes and provides a full-spectrum of micronutrients, trace elements, phytonutrients, amino acids as well as full-system detoxification support for the body’s cellular system. Micro-BOOST™️ is 100% bioavailable and provides naturally occurring micronutrients,.

Micro-BOOST™️ has a deep rich hue, similar to a cup of coffee or dark tea, yet the flavor is surprisingly mild and pleasant. BEAM Minerals provides a great-taste guaranteed.

Micro-BOOST™ is recommended for people who:

  • Need extra detoxification support
  • Suffer from night cramps
  • Practice intermittent fasting
  • Want to increase their strength and stamina

Where can you find BEAM Minerals?

To learn more about BEAM Minerals, go to or connect via social, on Instagram or Facebook.

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Are You Getting Enough Nutrition from the Food You Eat?

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