Awesome Summer Activities

Summer break is greatly anticipated by young people everywhere. The best summers are the ones that are full of activities. Here are 10 summer activities you and your kids will enjoy:

1. Be Creative with Photography

Encourage your child to take on photography for the season. Help them see the beauty in nature, and then print their photography on photo gifts.

2. Learn Something New

Use summer as your time to learn new things and discover hidden talents. Help your child start a band or learn a language.

3. Enjoy Sports

There are all kinds of sports out there. Enjoy playing some of them with your child. You may even introduce your child to a sport neither of you have tried before.

4. Be Sociable

Summer time will give your kids a chance to get to know people in the community. Encourage them to volunteer at nursing homes or with a health center.

5. Earn Extra Money

Plan a family yard sale, or help your kid sell lemonade or crafts to earn extra money.

6. Start a Team or Club

Choose a fun activity or topic and start a team or club in your community. The groups can be a fun for kids to socialize and interact with one another.

7. Enjoy Your Home

Cleaning and cooking does not have to be a chore – it can be a game. Make it enjoyable for your kids to help, and treat everyone to popsicles afterwards.

8. Get a new look

Give yourself the makeover you’ve always wanted. Boys or girls can enjoy exercise, a change in wardrobe, or a different hair color! With a little creativity, you’ll be a new person.

9. Create a Make-Believe School

Most young children enjoy pretending to be a teacher. Help them with their game by recreating a school environment for them to explore their imagination and review what they’ve learned during the year.

10. Take a Camping Trip

Hiking and camping can be very fun for children and adults. Even if you can’t think of anywhere to hike, your kids may have just as much fun if they camp in your own yard!


Awesome Summer Activities