Why Parents Should Include Kids on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a day for romance, love and the rekindling of hearts. Romance comes alive on Valentine’s Day more than any other day of the year. This leaves children out in the cold. It is quite understandable that parents would want to have the evening alone with each other. There are also many reasons that children should be included in the Valentine’s Day celebrations though.

It is a curious thing that children are not often included in these activities. Consider the fact that children are the greatest symbol of love that a man and woman share. In light of that, children become the essence of the true meaning of Valentine’s Day. How can a mother and father have a completely satisfying Valentine’s Day without including their children in the festivities? Although leaving children out of the celebration is common practice, children can not only enjoy the day but learn from it as well.

Love is evident at birth

A mother’s love for her child is evident at birth. “Falling in love” has no better definition than in the most simplistic measure of all, when a mother looks into her newborn’s eyes. She knows at that very moment that she can find no greater love for another human being as she has for her child. This, once again, raises the question as to why parents do not include children in Valentine’s Day activities.

Couples spend Valentine’s Day ensuring that the festivities go smoothly. People strive for perfection on this day, more so than all others combined. Moms take special time to look their best for their husbands. Fathers go the extra mile to choose the right gift and card for their wives. Parents also have a unique opportunity on Valentine’s Day. Parents have the opportunity to teach their children more about what love is. Children may see the love between their parents on other days of the year, but not nearly as much as on this special day of love and romance. Seeing the interaction between parents in such a caring and loving manner allows kids to see what love should be like all the time. Valentine’s Day is a good example for kids to build future relationships on.

Cooking, crafts and exchnging gifts

Valentine’s Day activities can include kids in such ways as cooking, crafts and exchanging gifts and cards. Moms and dads can include children in baking specially shaped cookies for the occasion or a cake. Crafts can include heart shaped cards and decorations to place around the house. Decorate the home with streamers and window decorations as well. Kids love these types of activities and they promote family togetherness on the one day of the year that is set aside for love.

After having a good time with the children for Valentine’s Day, mothers and fathers can have romantic time together. Now that mothers and fathers have shared the biggest portion of the day with the children, let romance begin. Feed the children dinner, have a babysitter waiting in the wings and leave the house for a romantic and quiet dinner. If a babysitter is not available, consider having dinner after bedtime for the kids. If the children are teenagers, turn the entire thing around by treating them to a movie. This gives the parents time to relax, have a nice romantic dinner at home and still do something special for the children.

Parents will realize a greater sense of Valentine’s Day when they share it with their children. Kids are better able to understand what the day means and why it is celebrated with a hands on experience. Everyone wins when kids are part of the festivities. Children add a special significance to Valentine’s Day when looking at it from a different perspective. Children are the gift of love. It is only fitting to share a day set aside for love with them.


Why Parents Should Include Kids on Valentine’s Day