Awkward Thoughts You Have When Going Through Your Husband’s Phone

Awkward Thoughts You Have When Going Through Your Husband’s Phone : Every woman goes through her partner’s phone at least once a week, whether she is jealous or not. Don’t tell me you’ve never done it! Creeping through your husband’s phone is a bad habit, but why not? Maybe he goes through your phone while you are taking a shower or cooking a dinner, you never know unless you always have your phone handy.

Is it a treason? Absolutely no. It’s a simple curiosity. I do agree that most women do it because they don’t trust their partners, though. Believe it or not, you can’t help yourself from going through his phone, even if you trust him. Here are those 5 thoughts you have when you creep through your husband’s phone.

Awkward Thoughts You Have When Going Through Your Husband’s Phone

1. Where to start and what to seek?

The first thought you have when going through his phone is where to start and what to seek. When you don’t trust your man, you know what to seek, but when you are just curious what your husband’s phone can show you, it’s a fun moment. You can check his messages, emails and calls but then think why I do it…

2. I trust him so why I do it?

When going through your husband’s phone, you may think why you do it. You don’t know what to look for, you can’t check his unread emails and messages, you even don’t know whether you want to read them, and you stop doing it and think…

3. If he’ll catch me snooping, what should I say?

When checking his phone, you can’t stop worrying about what to say if he will catch you snooping. You start inventing excuses while looking through his messages and thinking why you do it. It’s so overwhelming! Really, why do you go through his phone? Maybe you want to fight with him before going to bed? Well, ladies, if your husband has a terrible temper, it’s better to be careful or avoid snooping at all.

4. OMG, who’s Jessica and why she’s constantly sending him texts?

You look through his text messages and see lots of texts from a certain Jessica. Most messages are unread and those that your husband already read don’t tell anything to you. “What should I do?” “How will I ask him about her?” Maybe she is his old friend, coworker, kinfolk, or, OMG, mistress. I should stop thinking about it. Creeping through his phone was an awful idea!

5. I will never do it again

Creeping through his phone is actually an awful idea, and hopefully you understand it. Once you find nothing, you will think, “I will never do it again.” You didn’t get anything, except stress and worries. Even if you got something, how are you going to ask him about it? “Love, I’ve just checked your phone and found lots of suspicious things,” or “Who is that Jessica?” I can’t even imagine your husband’s reaction, and probably you can’t as well. Remember, curiosity killed the cat!

Integrity is a crucial factor in any relationship. If you are a jealous wife you should never check your husband’s phone. Jealous people see wrong things and it’s hard for them to accept the truth. They ruin their relationships and think they are always right. I saw many couples who broke up because of snooping. Next time you want to go through your husband’s phone, let him know and give him your phone. It’s much better and funnier to check your phones together! Are you guilty of checking your partner’s phone? How often do you do it?



Awkward Thoughts You Have When Going Through Your Husband’s Phone