Barbiecore Beauty: 3 Treatments To Wow Your Clients

Barbiecore Beauty: 3 Treatments To Wow Your Clients : Convincing the comfy home streamer to return and save the cinema has been a struggle, but not all heroes wear capes. Some opt for a more delicate hue — pink. Thanks to an all-star cast, mind-blowing PR, and a wave of nostalgia, the Barbie movie has captivated the world, wrapping us around its perfectly manicured little finger.

With its release on July 21st, excitement has reached its peak for both the film and the burgeoning trend known as ‘Barbiecore’ — a craze characterised by a vibrant and playful aesthetic centred around the colour pink.

As a salon owner, you have a front-row seat to the ever-evolving trends in the beauty industry. With the resurgence of ultra-femininity, now is the perfect time to fully embrace the trend by offering Barbie-themed beauty treatments. Before you do so though, a heads up: offering new treatments carries risks. Even a simple cut can go wrong (we’re looking at you, Destroyed Barbie!), leading to potential claims against your business.

To protect yourself, ensure proper training and insurance coverage for you and your staff. As the experts explain, “all it takes is one mishap during a procedure for it to all go bottoms up. What if you accidentally burn a client’s skin with an IPL or laser? How do you handle a client seeking compensation?” Having insurance offers a safeguard for your business and clients, shielding them from financial losses that might result from a wide range of unforeseen events.

But enough with the serious stuff — let’s jump right in and explore three Barbie-inspired beauty treatments that you can wow your clients with.

  1. Sugary-sweet waxes

    You’d be forgiven for thinking that this super-sweet hair removal method was designed exclusively for the modern Barbie doll herself, Margot Robbie. However, originating from the ancient Egyptians, who associated a hairless body with nobility, elegance, and prosperity, sugaring has been an effective cosmetic solution since ancient times.During the process, a warm, honey-coloured paste made of organic lemon juice, sugar, and purified water (and that’s all!) is gently applied to the skin using a wooden applicator stick. Following the direction of hair growth, the paste is swiftly removed with a flicking motion.

    While sugaring is certainly not pain-free, the treatment offers numerous benefits due to its gentler touch. Unlike traditional methods, the paste doesn’t cling to the surface of your skin, minimising irritation while gently exfoliating the upper layer.

  2. Mattel-worthy manis

    As Robbie embarks on her press tour for Barbie, the actress has showcased a sparkling range of Barbie-inspired manicures. Embracing the essence of the iconic Mattel character, Barbiecore nails epitomise the wonderful world of pink, femininity, and all-out glamour.“It’s no surprise the Barbiecore nails are all the rage nowadays,” reports PopSugar. “In fact, Barbie pink nails (and other hues in the same colour family) are perhaps the most versatile manicure and are therefore taking their rightful place as the summer nail trend for 2023.”

    To jump on the trend, why not create a lineup of Barbie-inspired manis that your clients can choose from? And there’s no need to stop there — you could also incorporate other trending designs like cool chromes, TikTok-friendly ginghams, and mouth-watering strawberry-milk finishes.

  3. Hair that is everything

    In the Barbie movie, Robbie brought the iconic doll to life with her infectious playful spirit, stunning pink ensembles, and, of course, her signature platinum locks. To capture the magnificence of Barbie’s hair, the actress donned an impressive collection of 18 wigs and 30 hair pieces throughout the film. Whether your clients prefer extensions or want to work with their natural hair, there’s a wide range of exciting hairstyles to explore, from the very first Barbie ‘do, to Dua Lipa’s mermaid locks.
    Why not introduce a blow dry menu for Barbie-style hair, offering sleek ponies, big Californian curls, and rose-tinted rinses? For inspo, Supercuts has curated a collection of precise looks from the movies, including that half-up, half-down style, which you can recreate for your clients. It’s a fantastic way to bring the magic of Barbie’s hairstyles into your salon and fuel Barbie-fever for your clients.



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Barbiecore Beauty: 3 Treatments To Wow Your Clients

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