Be More Focused And Rational

God has gifted us this beautiful life with a lot of resources to enjoy and brain to make the enjoyment feasible. Every one of us has been given a limited span of life and after expiry of that time, we find ourselves dead. The people say that Mr.John has expired, or he is no more. His body is there yet to be cremated but he is declared to have expired, it means his period of life as designed by God has expired and he was not allowed a single second more whatever the status he might have gained during his life period. To achieve more and more during our life span, we need to be more focused and rational in our programs so that we are able to use our time, our resources more optimally. We should not try to grab other’s things – we must do something with our own resources and this action will bring to us peace of mind.
There is a reference in the Bible that once the Pharisees, with a motive of entangling Jesus in their machination, sent unto him their disciples with the Herodians. Reigned by their hypocrisy, they deliberately enquired of Jesus: Is it lawful to give tribute unto Caesar, or not? The question was put with a motive that if he said, “No”, then they would inform the Emperor, “Jesus Christ is a traitor and is misguiding and provoking people against you”. And if he responded affirmatively, then they would prove his statement, “I am the son of God”, to be false. However, Christ said: Show me the tribute money… Accordingly, a penny was brought. He then inquired, “Whose stamp is there on this penny?” “It is that of the Roman emperor, Caesar”, said the people. Hearing their response, Christ said: …Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Ceasar’s and unto God the things that are God’s.

The import is that whichever entity was marked with the stamp of Caesar could be offered to him, and whichever was stamped with God had to be presented to Him. Similarly our body, mind and intellect have been granted to deal with the world, but our attention is meant to be directed towards God and His service.

The power of concentration, attention or remembrance is a divine treasure entrusted to us by God, and we are the trustees of this spiritual treasure whose real owner is the king of kings, God. Our redemption lies in offering the treasure back to its owner, God.

We must serve the world, deal with it, and enjoy it but with total it, and enjoy it but with total vigilance and caution. What is required is focus and here, a good memory is useful. An ability to ignore unnecessary information is the only way to remember vital detains. Until now, it was believed that those with good memories are able to process and store more information than others. But it is now proven that it is the ability to filter what we need and leave out the clutter. Vogel’s team noticed how well a group of students could memorize geometric patterns. Volunteers were shown images containing a selection of rectangles and asked to memorize their position and orientation. After a few seconds, they were shown a second pattern and asked to the first. In some cases, all the rectangles were red, while in others, half were red and half blue, and the students were asked to memorize only the red one.

The researchers, then, using a technique for measuring brain-waves, tracked how many shapes they were committing to memory. Thus, they found that those having the poorest recall were also the worst at keeping the extra or the blue shapes out of their minds.

A second experiment showed that the effect was not related to colors. In it, the students were asked to memories just one section of the pattern and ignore the rest. Again, those who fared worst were the ones who found it most difficult to filter out the irrelevant parts of the pattern.

Therefore, forgetting the frivolous events or thoughts yields good memory and hence success. However, this art does not require switching off brain circuits, but by deviating its current-flow towards the source of eternal peace i.e. God. So, what we need to do is not to give up our worldly duties, but be more focused and rational in our approach. Once we do it, there is no ground which may fail us in achieving our targets.

Be Happy – Be More Focused And Rational