Do What You Wish To Do

It is very simple to say to you to do what you wish to do for being happy. Naturally, your happiness lies where your wishes are met with fully. A little deviation may ask you either to compromise or feel disappointed. But the difference between your requirement and satisfaction can be eliminated if you just try to wear the shoes of those who might be affected by your wishes to any extent. Perhaps you may feel the pinch and like to reduce your requirement so that apart from being happy, the others may not be badly affected. Some time it is paradoxical statement but other time, it may appear to be essential for social harmony which may need a little sacrifice too.
It is true that God is everywhere. Everything else in this world is an illusion or a delusion. Anyone can pursue happiness insofar as being completely in tune with oneself. Most often we do things that please others. We force ourselves to believe what pleases us and is therefore essential for our happiness. If you take full responsibility for your actions – good or bad, you will not be affected with the results as your personal truth would remain connected in the deepest manner with the Absolute Truths of life. This can help you to be deeply in touch with yourself and with God. When you talk to yourself, question yourself, you can find answers within yourself. If you develop this aptitude, it shall be your ability to be comfortable in whatever you do. It is about being complete, totally absorbed in the moment. From this perspective, it does not matter whether you are in a bar or a theater.

Being religious is different from being spiritual. It means subscribing to the tenets of one’s religion. It also means having fear of divine punishment, of reprisal from divine forces. This fear necessitates one to believe, to practise laid-out norms. Spirituality, on the other hand, is complete freedom, shackle-free. It is a state of happiness and of complete detachment too. For further freedom of your expression, you may choose the profession of your choice as that will help you to discover your abilities. Within that profession, you can touch your true self. You can set your programs accordingly and take action. This system can re-energize you to face life’s challenges.

If you feel that you are being dictated to do something, you may not be able to express yourself whether that dictation may be in terms of your religion, your circumstances or wishes of your elders in your family. You may have to be specific in your targets and command convincing power to bring about the conflicting views to your terms. If your body, mind and soul are in harmony and in complete unison, you can accomplish your target. That is ultimate freedom.

Just as you value your right to choose and live in the manner you want to, you must respect others’ right to choose and live the way they wish to. Freedom does not choose, it discovers. You need not be an ascetic, renounce life, be anti-life and go to the mountains. In the now and here and in the daily transaction life lie true spirituality and devotion – you may carry on with full sincerity to yourself as well as to others without affecting them injudiciously. You must enjoy all good things that life has so offer and believe that by enjoying life in that way, you are assisting others too to enjoy their life in the way they wish.

Be Happy – Do What You Wish To Do