you must be more rich.

God has gifted us a beautiful life, a beautiful earth, a beautiful universe with enormous resources and a sharp brain to exploit those resources to lead a comfortable life. With the civilization advancing every day, every moment, we have been inventing new methods to carry on our working more smoothly. Every day, we see new discoveries, new advancements, improvements of the old ones – necessity is the mother of inventions. In course of time, it has been ascertained that there is clearly enough money and wealth in the world for everybody to be rich. If this is the case, why is there still so much poverty? It is said that 15 percent of world population is enjoying the benefits of 85 percent of the resources and rest 85 percent, the majority of the world population is compelled to work hard to meet the basic requirements. Why? There is imbalance or mismanagement of the resources and their use.
I live in a beautiful country called India emerging a major economic power in the world but all of its inhabitants are not rich. . . Why? I believe that in order to become rich you need to stop ‘wishing’ that you would be rich and start taking ‘actions’ to actually achieve these goals.

1. People never define what being rich actually is. Being rich does not mean that you should have a beautiful bungalow, a car, some electronic gadgets, fat bank balance etc. When we gather our materialistic possessions, we forget that love and emotions do have some place to justify our riches. If we do not have plenty of them, there is no use of our materialistic riches and without them, the presence of love and emotions does not give us comfort. It means that both have significant role to complement each other.

2. People’s definition of being rich normally focuses on long term goals therefore making it feel impossible to achieve.

3. Most people over-estimate what they can achieve in 1 year and under-estimate what they can achieve in 10 years. They do not draw out a rational method to achieve their short term and long term dreams.

4. People tell themselves that “they don’t really care about money” and then proceed to work 40plus hours a week in a job they hate.

5. People never decide why they must become rich and take genuine action towards achieving this goal.

6. People don’t have a realistic plan. Mostly, they work on hypothesis.

7. People follow the plan framed by others, and do not change if they are found not viable even in the initial stages.

8. Advice is freely available and most of the people listen to poor people, yet they are very skeptical about advice from rich people. Rich people never give advice, they work only.

9. People allow other people’s opinions to effect their action and goals.

10. People don’t take responsibility for their own results always blaming everyone else if they don’t succeed.

11. People give up when success is just around the corner.

12. People think that their car & house are assets.

13. People would prefer to live in ignorance rather than take care of their personal finances.

14. Generally, people don’t understand the concept of compound interest.

15. People don’t have access investment strategies & high quality coaching.

16. People make the same decisions and perform the same actions as everybody else yet they expect to create a different result.

17. People think that investing is risky and fail to realize that not investing is the biggest risk of all. If they invest judiciously, their investments can bring about a lot of employment to themselves and for those who need.

18. In order to become rich you must remember to actually ask for what you want.

19. People want to get rich quick rather than doing any work.

20. People don’t understand the fundamentals of a budget – spend less than you earn.

21. People don’t evaluate the value of their seconds – they waste their days in waiting for the things to change into their favour. They do not try to change the tide of the river.

22. People don’t like to take risk. High risk high gain is not preferred.

23. Most of the people are self-centric. They do not imagine that if they value other’s time, they can get reciprocal treatment.

24. People do not afford to have cost accounting of their efforts, resources and time they devote on some assignments. If they do, they can reap optimal results and none can restrain them to become rich.

25. People do not attend their civic duties properly but expect the country (In other words, Government and society) to do continuously something in their favor. They forget that the country is made up of them.

If we go through the above seriously and take action in right direction, there is no reason why all of us should become rich and richer.

Be happy – Become Rich and Richer.