Solve Your Problem by Selecting Only Positives.

Marx and Engels started with the observation that everything in existence is a combination or unity of opposites. For example, electricity is characterized by a positive and negative charge and atoms consist of protons and electrons which are unified but are ultimately contradictory forces. Even humans through introspection find that they are a unity of opposite qualities like masculinity and femininity, selfishness and altruism, humbleness and pride, etc. The Marxist conclusion being that everything “contains two mutually incompatible and exclusive but nevertheless equally essential and indispensable parts or aspects.” The basic concept being that this unity of opposites in nature is the thing that makes each entity auto-dynamic and provides this constant motivation for movement and change. This idea was borrowed from Georg Wilhelm Hegel who said: “Contradiction in nature is the root of all motion and of all life.
This applies to our normal life too. Just, take a minute and think about the world you live in. Have you ever noticed how everything you’re involved in, is comprised of opposites? Opposites abound everywhere and in every situation. Opposites as we mean are elements that are so far apart as to be totally irreconcilable. For example, we have such irreconcilable opposites as up and down, left and right, short and tall, light and dark assets and liabilities, success and failure, freedom and bondage and on and on and on. The opposites make us feel the importance of the original word like without passing through night, you can not enjoy the day. Without being exposed to grief, you may never feel how beautiful is the happiness. I doubt that you think of anything that does not have an implied opposite.

Think abut it. We live in a world of division. We live in a world of duality where every position, situation and condition is challenged by some alternative where one side is always pulling against another or pushing up against a wall that may not yield. This is living in a world that is perfectly designed to promote struggle, turmoil, conflict, confusion, disputes and disagreements. This law of opposites is the cause of all problems. Without knowing how to control or overcome this law of opposites, people try to adapt to it without realizing that by so doing they only succeed in increasing their frustrations and prolonging any solution. It is any wonder that so many people are suffering such pressures, stresses and anxieties! Once you make up your mind that you may come across the opposite situation to face in the process of working towards any target, you will face that situation more energetically.

If some people may somehow prevent this law from operating in their individual experiences they would enjoy living in a world where oneness prevailed and those things we call problems would have no influence over them. This might be best illustrated by using such familiar opposites as positive and negative. Positives and negatives are opposites and have nothing in common. They cannot mix or commingle. Neither can one be described in term of the other. Try as you might, you cannot successfully justify one to the other. They are opposites. It is the law!

Usually a problem is defined as an intricate, unsettled question, a source of perplexity and vexation. By their very nature, problems are negative. Negative means as something which is the opposite, or negation, of something. That “something” is the positiveness of the problem’s solution. Positive is that which is real, not speculative, not fictitious and logically affirmative.. Just as a negative has absolutely no positive characteristics, so a positive has absolutely no negative characteristics. They are opposites. It is the law! And because it is an absolute, universal law it is not subject to chance, change, modification, circumvention or debate. It maintains it own integrity, is self- enforcing and works simply because it exists…forever! When properly applied it is your absolute assurance of successful conclusions.

The problem is negative and unreal. The objective is positive and real. Logic, then, demands that in order to experience your goal or objective or receive the answer to your question, you must discipline yourself to maintain mind-set that is responsive to the positive ideas that will dissolve your negative problems. This is probably the most demanding discipline you will ever be faced with because we’re been trained to accepted both positives and negatives as real. From this premise, we attempt to solve a problem by confronting it as an adversary with which we are compelled to do battle. We try to understand it and deal with it as though t were a reality instead of simply being a negation of that which we are seeking.

Does all this sound too abstract to be practical in what we call the “real” world of nuts and bolts”? While individual circumstances will vary, the procedural application of this law is always the same. Consider this law is always the same. Consider this case study: Static sale plagued a company and great effort and money was invested to find some means by which they could increase the sales volume of their product. Their best efforts failed and they resigned themselves to the conviction that the market was flooded to the point of saturation and nothing further could be done. They were prepared to “eat their losses” and move on.

Then the principles embodied in this discovery were initiated by one individual who, in the secrecy of his own thought, maintained the integrity of this positive, constructive, solution oriented approach. He mentally rejected all discussions that focused on the “problem” even though circumstances required that he be involved in them. Soon he developed a plan. Every detail of a brand new merchandising procedure unfolded that was a radical departure from all traditional methods. The plan was implemented and sales increased immediately to a level that far exceeded the company’s most optimistic projections. As an added bonus, the implementation of this plan did not require any additional capital expenditures.

There is nothing more powerful than the right idea on appropriate time. The sales “problem” simply disappeared. Why? Because, being an unreal negation, it never did have the substance or reality of its positive opposite. Where did the problem go? It went to the same place the flat world went as soon as Columbus discovered that it was really round. It didn’t “go” anywhere because it wasn’t a real “something” to begin with!
When you are faced with a tough problem or challenge, the first thing you should do is to discipline yourself to look away from it and reject it as an “enemy” with whom you must do battle. See its nothingness. Focusing your attention on it will only secure its presence and perpetuate its supposed existence. Remember, you want to get rid of it, not perpetuate it!

All problems are negative. They cannot exist alone. Any negative is completely dependent upon there being a positive something to be negative about. You cannot have a counterfeit dollar bill unless there is a genuine dollar to be a counterfeit of. You cannot remind yourself of this fundamental fact too often! Your awareness of any problem is your assurance that its answer is already available. The problem really is that you are making a reality out of an unreal, false appearance. The problem is a void or your ignorance of the answer. The answer lies in your awakening to this truth. Your effort must be focused on the necessary positive mindset and let the answer appear. It’s really that simple.
This is a simple procedure but not always easy to implement. Too often there is too much built in habitual thinking and intellectual ballast that gets in the way. One of the best ways to become financially successful is to “find out what most people are doing and then do the exact opposite”.

So when you are faced with a decision or a particular situation, think about what the average person would choice to do and then do the exact opposite. As comical as this may sound you will probably find that it will lead you to some amazing and unexpected accomplishments.

Most people’s actions produce below their expectation. So if you want to produce similar results to these people then your task is very easy – Simply make the same or similar decisions that they are making and you will be just like them in no time at all. To be successful you need to do things differently than the general public. You need to start developing your mindset of a millionaire and stop making the same decisions as everyone else.

One of the best examples is how most people approach becoming wealthy or rich. Rather than trying to get a financial education and develop the mindset of a millionaire most peoples attempt at becoming wealthy is to buy a whole heap of lotto tickets. If these people would take the time to educate themselves in the world of finance they would be astounded at what they could achieve.

Forget any fancy strategies or borrowing to invest, if people could learn and master one simple concept like ‘compounding interest’ their lives would start to change forever. People are so often worried about not being able to pay for their child’s education but did you know that if you were to invest $3.33 per day into a fund that was earning 15% that by the time your child turns 19 it would be worth $110,424. Then if you stopped contributing and let the money to continue to grow on its own it would be worth $9.6 million by the age of 50, $39.2 million by the age of 60 and $158.2 million by the age of 70.

Basically, that means that if you were to give up a choco bar a day or your weekly lotto ticket you would be able to leave your children a multi million dollar inheritance. When you start to create the mindset of a millionaire you will never cease to be amazed by the things you can create. The ironical thing about lotto is that within 3-7 years of winning, most people are in a worse position financially than they were to begin with. Why? Because they haven’t developed the mindset of a millionaire, they have simply been gifted a whole lot of money and they don’t have the correct skills to make their money work for them.

Imagine if someone was to offer you the choice of these two things. They will give you a million dollars in cash or they will teach you how to create the mindset of a millionaire. What would you choose? I know what most people would choose and to be honest a few years ago I would have taken the cash too but after developing my own mindset and learning to implement. I know that it would be the wrong choice. In order to succeed we need to branch, take some risks and develop the mindset of a millionaire. Funnily enough, sometimes the best way to do this is to see which way most people are going and head the other way. You can reach the destination more easily being above the traffic jams.

Be Happy – Solve Your Problem by Selecting Only Positives.