Be Rich (Part 6)

Yesterday, I made mention of the role of leverage and gratitude in making us rich. There are some other factors which do have appreciable role in this process. We may have a glimpse of the same in the following lines.

Creative Thought

Another principle in preparing for richness is the process of creative thought. Creative thought means focusing on one’s desires in order to bring them into reality and taking the steps that are needed in order to obtain one’s vision. Every thought of form, held in thinking substance, causes the creation of the form, but always, or at least generally, along lines of growth and action already established. The thought of a house of a certain construction, if it were impressed upon formless substance, might not cause the instant formation of the house, but it would cause the turning of creative energies already working in trade and commerce into such channels as to result in the building of the house. And if there were no existing channels through which the creative energy could work, then the house would be formed directly from primal substance.

Everything starts as a thought. We think of something we desire and we want to get it. In order to get what we first thought about we need to focus our thought on it and determine what actions are required in order to obtain our desire. For example, if we start by thinking that we would like to build a house, we then focus on this thought and come up with a plan for our house, we think about whether we will be building the house ourselves or whether we are going to need to call someone else in to do the various processes. If we are building the house ourselves we will give thought to how each piece of the house is going to be built, what materials we are going to use, etc. If we are getting someone else to build it for us, we will decide who we are going to get to help us and then think about what needs to be communicated to them and about what they communicate to us. All this takes focused thought regarding the object of our desire, our house.

There is also creativity in thought which few people have tried to obtain or use. When a person has a thought-form, he takes material from the forms of nature and makes an image of the form which is in his mind. People have, so far, made little or no effort to cooperate with formless intelligence – to work with the parents. The individual does not dream that he can do easily what he sees the parents doing. As individuals reshape and modify existing forms, they give no attention if they may produce things from formless substance by communicating their thoughts to it. How their parents created and looked after in spite of all the oddities they might have faced when you were a child and not able to think how and when to urinate, or meeting natural calls of your body. But they made it possible to enable you to stand. You do not have any right to teach them but you must learn how they made you so competent to know how they believe that this is possible and their reasons for believing so. However, you can make the submission of your thoughts and convince them if you understand that your parents do not know the facts.

Everything starts with a thought. In order for anything to happen that thought needs to be focused and so become creative thought which leads to the creation of that which is thought of in the mind in reality. This is usually done by just modifying and reshaping stuff that already exists.

A Call To Action

To plan your journey to richness, you need to know your desires and vision. Spend some time doing the exercises on vision. Decide what the things are that you really want in life. Make a mission statement for your life that encapsulates exactly what you want to do or be in a sentence or two. Once you have this expand it to a vision statement which will give more detail about what you are trying to accomplish. The next step after you have decided what exactly it is you want in life is to set yourself goals with a deadline. Be realistic but set deadlines that you want to have your goals done by. This goal setting helps you focus your thought, shows you what needs to be done in order to accomplish your goals and helps you in achieving what it is you desire.

Focus on your goals and what it is you want to achieve. The idea here is to build up your desire and determination to follow through on your plan. Spend some time each day thinking about what it is you are trying to accomplish, think about what you have done to get there and plan your next steps in reaching your goals.

Use this time to practice gratitude as well. Keep a “gratitude journal” where you write down those things that you are grateful for. By keeping this discipline you are not only focusing on your goals but also opening the way for more riches in your life through the acknowledgment of those you already have.

Now, you need to define about your profile – are you a creator, mechanic, star, supporter, dealmaker, trader, accumulator or lord? Your richness profile will help you discover what your goals should be as well as how you are going to go about reaching them. Your richness profile also helps you determine how you are going to go about leveraging value – are you a multiplier or a magnifier? How are you going to leverage value in order to create your richness? Think about what assets you own, how you are going to create richness and how you are either going to make sure that this can only be done with you, or alternately, how you are going to multiply this so that many others can help you create your richness as well.

The important thing is to get going. Set your goals, discover your richness profile and decide how you are going to leverage value and then start today on your path to richness. By taking small actions every day you will find your fear of being rich decreasing and you will be able to better internalize that which you have been learning and so gain more from it. Each day take some time to do a couple of actions – write in your gratitude journal, set yourself goals and work on becoming the best you can be.


It is a good thing to be rich, to desire richness, not only to help you live a happy life but also to have more to serve others. This richness is available to all who will follow a couple of simple principles.

Your richness begins with your passion and vision. By creating your vision and realizing your passion you are concentrating your creative thought in order to bring these desires into reality. How a number of persons we know became rich in a very short period, irrespective of the fact that some of them are creators, mechanics, stars, supporters, traders, dealmakers, accumulators and landlords. Each of these richness profiles has their own unique way of making richness and leveraging value. By finding out what your richness profile is you are able to do work you enjoy and that comes easily to you and where you will be most successful.

We also had a look a
t gratitude and creative thought. Gratitude is a vital principle to richness as it acknowledges the riches you have already been given and opens the way for more riches to come your way. Creative thought is concentrated thought and desire which is able to lead to the creation of that which is desired.

If you find something good in these lines, you may follow and feel relaxed in your journey to become rich and richer. It depends upon you how to implement them.

Be Happy – Be Rich.