Beautiful Shaped Eyebrows

Beautiful Shaped Eyebrows : Here we explore how to get the most face flattering eyebrows, which balances and flatters your facial features. With so many brow trends, laminating, bleaching, microblading, misting, combing up, it gets very difficult to determine which eyebrow style will look best on your face.

If you’ve over plucked or want fuller brows, the easiest way is to use make up to help define your brows. The first rule of makeup is don’t let cosmetics wear you; instead, wear them.

One of your most crucial facial features is your brows. They can make or ruin how you look as a whole. Sadly, a lot of people fail to see them or disregard them, leaving them with untidy eyebrows.

To find the most ideal arch, for your face you need to consider the angles and proportions of your face form, which shapes your brows mainly. It’s like combining art with geometry. You should aim for balance and symmetry while shaping your brows. We are often advised to shape our eyebrows with two hues to give them more definition. Try to use a lighter shade to fill in the top of your brow arch and for the tail a deeper shade to give them a natural feel.

Although shaping your eyebrows may appear simple, there is a particular form that works best for your facial structure and other facial appearance. There isn’t a standard for the ideal brow shape, yet you will appreciate the slightly noticeable difference in your appearance that skilled brow shaping will bring. Never underestimate the power of a great brow!  Rageism Brow Butter is an easy to use product that will both colour and thicken your brows.

Eyeliner is a wonderful way to help shape the eye and highlight the eye area. Rageism Beauty has 5 shades of soft eye pencils that contain a fantastic combo of wax and coconut oils so they glide on smoothly and won’t pull your delicate skin. Although they are soft, the colour is long-lasting and will stay on all day. The slate and chocolate shades are classically beautiful but can be layered for dramatic effect.

It is quite easy to use our Soft Eye Pencils, which is all you need to gently shade them over concerning areas. This is the perfect way to highlight one of your most important features. The softness of brown and grey is a wonderful complement to eyes of all colours. Keep in mind that all our eyeliners require you to use a sharpener to sharpen after use.

As we grow older, our lashes can become sparse, so Ragesim has developed a rich black mascara to bring back your full lashes. Mascara makes your lashes beautifully lush without clumping. Rageism’s Mascara is also easy to remove at the end of the day. Rich black mascara will give your lashes super length and also won’t clump or smudge. Even if you wear no other make-up, all Rageism Beauties wear mascara, and have quite enough strength to make your eyes look bigger and more attractive.

Eyeshadow not only opens the eyes up but also makes them appear larger and more expressive. For more mature women we recommend a cream based eyeshadow. Eyeshadow for older women is a breeze to apply and if you do make a mistake, the creamy, buttery texture makes correction a snap. To make the most of beautiful cream eyeshadow use an eye primer first. This will neutralise any discolouration on the eyelids and help shadows last.

Using a fluffy brush or your finger apply a light layer first; you can build up the pigment if you want more intensity of colour. Apply a light shade (like Champagne) in the inner corners of the eye where your eyes are darkest. Generally, our eyes love fabulous shadows. Rageism Beauty has luscious creme shades and colours to complement every complexion and hair colour. Their eye shadows are available in both matte and shimmer finishes, and with their fine crème texture they won’t crease or move when applied with primer.

For an easy solution the Rageism All About The Eyes Kit is a collection of Brow Butter, Mascara, Eye Pencil and Eye Shadow which is specially designed to accentuate the eyes and brows, bringing colour and brightness.

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Beautiful Shaped Eyebrows

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