How To Properly Do a Root Cover-Up at Home

How To Properly Do a Root Cover-Up at Home : One of the finest emotions in the world is leaving the salon flaunting your sassy new color. And you get to enjoy that feeling for a while. Until a few weeks later when it’s necessary to cover up the roots because your hair has grown out.

The amount of regrowth that each of us is comfortable with clearly differs from person to person. But root cover-ups involve a lot more than you might imagine. To find out how to properly touch up roots, whether you’re hiding gray roots continue reading:

What is a Root Cover-Up?

Root cover-up or touch-up, as the name suggests, entails coloring your hair at the roots. This is typically advised after coloring your hair every few weeks. In-between visits for hair coloring, root cover-ups are a terrific alternative. They assist you in hiding the gray areas that start to show. They assist your roots blend in with the rest of your hair effortlessly, consider getting root touch-ups.

Additionally, it makes you always appear well-groomed. However, routinely visiting a salon to get your roots touched up may grow pricey.

Every time you need a fast touch-up, having a root touch-up kit on hand will save you time and make your life more convenient. You only need a home root touch-up kit, ten minutes, and your reliable bathroom mirror if you have a root emergency at home.

How To Apply a Root Cover-Up Correctly at Home

  1. Use Box Dyes

    It is the most durable way to touch up your roots if you have box dye at home or can get your hands on one. However, it’s crucial to perform a patch test behind your ear if you’re coloring your hair at home for the first time to rule out any sensitivities.

    Box dyes or color kits, as opposed to professional colors, are more pigmented, therefore you must choose your hue wisely. Professional colors are more controlled, making it simpler to experiment with them. Therefore, if you have had your hair colored professionally, take care to simply color the roots of your hair and avoid coloring the rest of it, which is unnecessary.

    You want the hair to truly be rich in color when you touch up your roots. Apply color methodically after sectioning your hair for the greatest results. Apply the color to the roots and feather it down with a comb if the rest of your hair is colored to avoid a band forming. After that, leave it on until you need to wash it off, as directed on the box. Some safety rules to follow while coloring at home are listed below :

    • Avoid getting the product in your eyes or on your skin.
    • If the product gets into your eyes, quickly and thoroughly rinse them. Before thoroughly cleaning your eyes with water, remove any contact lenses you may be using.
    • Don the gloves that are included in the packet.
    • Rinse hair thoroughly after using.
    • In a well-ventilated space, prepare and apply the mixture.
    • Do not swallow or inhale.
    • Protect your scalp
    • Don’t overdye
    • Avoid extreme color
    • Moisturize (before and after)
  2. Use a Quality Root Cover-Up Spray

    Cover-ups are short-term, washable sprays that cause significantly less harm. You can use them not just to conceal gray hairs, but also bald areas and thin hair that shows the scalp.

    When necessary, root touch-up sprays can make your hair appear thicker. To utilize a spray, tie your hair up and part it on either side of the part where your grey hairs grow. Cover the section with a pen or pencil, and use a tissue or your fingers to style the remaining hair.

    Spray while holding the can three to four inches away. Your parting will appear unnatural if you spray it on. Therefore, you must address it. The result is darker the closer you spray,”

  3. Choose the Correct Shade of Color

    The most crucial step in home root cover-up is selecting the proper hair color shade. The shade of your touched-up root hair cannot be lighter or darker than the color of your length of hair. The hair color may appear shoddy and uneven as a result.

    When touching up your roots, make sure to pick a color that is one shade lighter if you plan to conceal any gray hairs. Gray or silver hair is naturally quite light, so when color is added, it becomes darker. If you’re unsure about your hair color. or pick the wrong color, your hair’s length will appear lighter than the roots.

  4. Be Precise, Don’t Apply Too Much, and Be Patient

    Be extremely precise while applying your root touch-up hair color. This is essential because the little hair growth you do have needs to be adequately covered. Although you might believe it is simpler to only treat the lengths of your hair, a root touch-up is considerably more practical. It is speedier, more effective, and causes less harm to your hair. You can use a ready box kit to color your hair accurately and smoothly at home.

    Everyone hates when their gray hairs show through, but it’s crucial to wait between root touch-ups. Let the hair naturally grow a little before deciding to color it. This will lessen hair damage and assist in getting an even application.

  5. Prepare and Mix With Gloves

    Root cover-ups come in the forms of root sprays, root touch-up powder, or pastes, and are used as hair color extenders by applying them straight to the roots.

    Apply the paste format for the root cover, first. Start with dry hair. Your hair should be parted and combed properly. Put on gloves next. Squeeze the contents of the root cover-up into the reusable bowl. Puncture the tube’s top. Pour the activator into the bowl after opening one packet of activators. Blend thoroughly by combining it with the application brush.

    Apply to your t-zone and roots (hairline and part). Be sure to saturate completely. Simply remove any color that may have gotten on your skin or forehead using the cleansing wipe (no barrier cream needed).

  6. Make Sure To Rinse Thoroughly

    Make sure there is no soap left in your hair by washing it for 1 to 2 minutes. One of the most common errors people make is unintentionally leaving shampoo in their hair, which causes buildup on the scalp. Try rinsing your hair with cold water if you have dry hair because it keeps hair stronger and healthier.

    Put the gloves on and rinse the new color off your hair until the water is clear. After shampooing with a sulfate-free product, condition your hair with the color therapy hair mask. Five minutes later, rinse your hair once again. You’re finished! Clean your brush and dish.


Freshly colored hair feels lovely to the touch. Your hair looks precisely colored and uniform after the coloring process. But this sensation only persists for a few weeks. Your hair eventually begins to grow out and the roots become visible.

The lengths of your hair cannot be colored every couple of weeks. Your hair will be harmed, and the cost will be high. Regular root touch-ups are the best method to keep your hair color appearing vibrant.





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How To Properly Do a Root Cover-Up at Home

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