Trying Bold Hair Colors

Have you ever wanted to try bold hair colors, but was afraid of making a mistake? Or maybe you would like a strong color but you are hesitating to pull off such kind of look. All bold colors look magnificent, and if you don’t want to dye your whole head, there are some suggestions on how to get the color. I would like to share with you a couple of hints for trying bold hair colors …

1. Try a temporary color

It is an ideal variant for those who do not wish the responsibility that the permanent color requires. You will clearly see if the color suits you, even though the tint may be a little bit duller than a permanent bold color. Cosmetic industry offers tens of toners that you can wash away in several times or months. But I would recommend one that can be washed out in two times so that you won’t suffer if the tint is a flop.

2. Play a trick

Another effective way to check if the color suits you is to put on a wig. You don’t have to buy a few wigs, don’t worry. Nowadays most shops will let you try it for free. You can also hitch several strands of hair. Believe me, you will see how easy you can get rid of them, especially if the color doesn’t really suit you.

3. Another style

If you take the plunge and make your hair bright you should not be afraid to change your entire image. Don’t you get bored of the same look you stick to for years? Now you receive an unmissable possibility to go over your clothing again. Try on the most audacious looks and have a great time! After all, experimenting with your appearance and wardrobe is always a fun activity.

4. Try dyeing the ends

If you were going to get a trim – do not hurry! You can replace two steps in one and dye your ends. If the results will disappoint you, you can easily cut them off. In case your reserved surrounding cannot allow you to color the hair bright, tint only those strands you can easily hide in a ponytail or twist.

5. Half-colored

For this method you will probably have to ask your friend to help you or visit a professional hairdresser. The method consists of coloring the underneath strands of your hair so that the top layers of your natural color remain untouched. Such coloring will look especially striking if your hair is of different length. I think it’s really original and tempting way to give your hair some tint and save the natural color at the same time.

6. Decolorize

If you want to change your hair color completely and you have already chosen the bold color, I would recommend you to decolorize your hair first, especially if your natural color is darker than the desired one. Bear in mind that this procedure will thin and weaken your hair. You will have to nourish, moisten and strengthen your hair more intensively to repair it. Consider purchasing additional care products or make your own homemade ones, and try to limit the use of hairdryer, straightener and curler every day, otherwise you can dry it out.

7. Dye only your hair

Each time you color your hair, make sure you don’t color your forehead, ears, and neck. If possible cover the floor and surface you are working on. Use the towels and cloth you are not afraid to spoil and throw out. Finally, cover the skin on your forehead and neck with a thick layer of petroleum jelly or other fat substance – most hair dyes contain very aggressive chemicals that can burn your skin. Don’t forget to cover your furniture and floor, if needed.

Dyeing your hair a bright color can look incredibly beautiful and unique. Don’t be afraid since you never know until you try. And the high risk will be justified by the admiring gazes of strangers and envy of your friends. Once you try and you won’t be able to decide on your favorite. Just don’t forget that your hair will require more careful treatment. So what is the boldest color you have dyed your hair?



Trying Bold Hair Colors