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Date Night Beauty Essentials

Date Night Beauty Essentials : Going on a date is always exciting, and with the right beauty essentials in your bag, you can keep yourself looking fresh and fabulous all night long! Here’s a list of 9 must-have date night beauty essentials to ensure you’re ready for anything.

Makeup Tips for Girls Who Wear Eyeglasses

Makeup Tips for Girls Who Wear Eyeglasses : Makeup tips for girls who wear eyeglasses are difficult to find. Trust me, I’ve already tried! I’ve searched all over the Internet and I’ve put together the best makeup tips and tricks for girls with eyeglasses so that you can make the most of your wonderful fashion accessory!

Picking the Right Nail Polish Color

Picking the Right Nail Polish Color : Choosing the right shade of nail polish is all about deciding how you’re going to choose. That sounds like circular logic, but it’s true: there are several different ways to go about choosing a color, and the color you end up with is going to depend on which method you use to make […]

Hair Tools You Should Have

Hair Tools You Should Have : Healthy and shiny hair is the greatest desire of every woman. To look beautiful and stylish, you should certainly pay much attention to your hair and care for it properly. Today there is a big choice of various shampoos, conditioners and hair masks that make our hair clean and perfect.

Top 5 Spring/Summer Trends to Stick to

Top 5 Spring/Summer Trends to Stick to: It’s sometimes feels like keeping up to date with trends season after season is an impossible task. How is anyone supposed to know what looks that dominated 2016 will stick around for the year ahead, and which will stay a distant memory.

Things to Stop Wearing When You Turn 30

Are you already 30 or nearly turning 30? There are plenty of changing events that might take place and it all starts with your wardrobe adjustments. At that age you have to play your part when it comes to a healthy wardrobe that suits your age. This entails doing away with any pieces of juvenile clothing and introducing something unique […]

Stylish Ways to Wear Leggings

Stylish Ways to Wear Leggings : Happily, it is spring again. Time to get rid of all those heavy layers. It is time for all those beautiful spring colors to pop. Let yourself be inspired by nature – the blooming flowers in vivid colors, the chirping of the birds, the sunshine and the sky, and incorporate those colors into your […]

Unique Foot Tattoo Ideas

Unique Foot Tattoo Ideas : There is a scenario that many of you might be familiar with: it has been a long day at work and you are busy counting stations when suddenly you notice a young girl standing in the aisle. As your eyes summarize her fashion sense, you notice a tattoo on her foot. You can’t help admiring […]

Best Bridal Shoes to Wear for Summer Wedding

Best Bridal Shoes to Wear for Summer Wedding : Some people think that wedding couture is just all about the dress. But the reality is that most women love shoes, so getting the right pair for your wedding is vital, if you want to put your best foot forward! Matching your shoes to the season is important – not many […]

Amazing Piercings

Body piercing has become far more socially acceptable over the last decade as more people are choosing to shun the traditional ear and nose piercings for something a little more exotic. As long as the piercing is performed by an experienced artist, it will usually heal perfectly and leave little to no scarring when removed. The following weird and wonderful […]

Ways to Feel More Beautiful

If you’re looking for simple ways to feel more beautiful today, I can point you in the right direction. Feeling beautiful goes hand-in-hand with your level of self-esteem and these ways may help you with that. You should never feel badly about yourself since there’s definitely something beautiful about you. Don’t compare yourself to other women today and hopefully you […]