Amazing Piercings

Body piercing has become far more socially acceptable over the last decade as more people are choosing to shun the traditional ear and nose piercings for something a little more exotic. As long as the piercing is performed by an experienced artist, it will usually heal perfectly and leave little to no scarring when removed. The following weird and wonderful piercings are sure to help you stand out from the crowd.

1. Monroe

MonroeNamed after Hollywood legend Marilyn Monroe, the Monroe piercing sits just above the upper lip on the left or right hand side. A small silver or black bar is usually used for this piercing to create the impression of a beauty spot. Although a Monroe can be quite painful, it usually heals quickly in a relatively short time.


2. Stretching

StretchingStretching involves enlarging a piercing to accommodate a large piece of jewellery. Earlobes are the most common site for stretching although some people prefer the nose, lips or tongue. The practice has been around for centuries as many African and south American tribes are known to have had stretched earlobes.


3. Corset Piercing

Corset PiercingA corset piercing requires two vertical rows of piercings inserted side by side on a flat piece of skin such as the back, side, chest or leg. A ribbon, chain or cord is then laced between the piercings to create the impression of a corset. This piercing is only intended for temporary wear due to the body rejecting the jewellery after a short time.


4. Smiley

SmileyA smiley is the common name for an upper lip frenulum piercing which involves inserting a small piece of jewellery into the skin that connects the inside of the lips to the gums. Other frenulum piercings include inside the bottom lip and under the tongue.

5. Industrial Piercing

Industrial PiercingAn industrial piercing, also known as a scaffold piercing, uses a long bar to connect two different piercing sites. It is most commonly performed on the upper cartilage of the ear. Industrial piercings can be difficult to care for and usually require up to a year to fully heal.


6. Sternum Piercing

Sternum Piercing

A sternum piercing, or cleavage piercing, refers to a barbell inserted into the skin in the centre of the chest. This piercing is an attractive alternative to a nipple piercing as it can easily be shown off in public without causing a scene. However, as with all surface piercings there is a high rejection rate, so always seek the help of an experienced professional.


7. Dermal Anchors

Dermal Anchors

Dermal anchors are a relatively new form of body modification that involves implanting an anchor just below the skin which is connected to a stud that sits on top. Also known as microdermal implants, dermal anchors can be placed anywhere on the body and give the impression that the jewellery is floating on top of the skin.


8. Septum

SeptumA septum piercing is located in-between the nostrils and is often performed using a circular barbell or hoop. The piercing is placed in the soft part of skin just under the cartilage to avoid damage to the nose. Septum piercings can easily be hidden and are ideal for those who work in formal environments.


9. Third Eye Piercing

Third Eye PiercingA third eye piercing involves inserting a curved barbell or dermal anchor into the centre of the forehead just above the eyebrows. This piercing looks similar to the bindi worn by south Asian women that symbolises the third eye or anja chakra.


10. Anti-Eyebrow

Anti-EyebrowAn anti-eyebrow piercing usually sits somewhere above the cheekbone and below the eyebrow. It is often referred to as a teardrop, butterfly kiss or crow’s feet piercing depending on the exact location. Unlike other surface piercings, this one tends to heal well and has a low rate of rejection.

Before choosing your piercing it is essential to properly research the amount of care and healing time it requires to ensure it is the best choice for you. Those who lead an active lifestyle should avoid surface piercings as they have a greater chance of rejection if they are constantly being moved. Always seek out a licensed, experienced body piercer for your piercing to reduce the risk of infection.



Amazing Piercings

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