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Little-Known Things Your iPhone Can Do

Little-Known Things Your iPhone Can Do : Think you know your iPhone well? You may change your mind as soon as you learn these little-known things the latest iPhones can […]

Tips for Jogging with Your Dog

Tips for Jogging with Your Dog : Every responsible dog owner knows that it is essential to walk their four paw friend twice a day regardless of weather conditions, mood […]

Where Busy Women Should Seek Help

Superwoman is a fictional character; however, the name is not a misnomer for most real-life women. Women have many labels: mother, wife, business associate, caregiver, and more. A revolving list […]

Incredibly Useful Beach Hacks

If you spend a lot of time at the beach, you will definitely love the following beach hacks. They are not about applying sunscreen or drinking a lot of water. […]

Things to Stop Wearing When You Turn 30

Are you already 30 or nearly turning 30? There are plenty of changing events that might take place and it all starts with your wardrobe adjustments. At that age you […]

Sitting down increases women’s risk of cancer

Spending too much leisure time sitting down increases a woman’s risk of cancer – even among those who do plenty of exercise. Those who are seated for more than six […]

Amazing Piercings

Body piercing has become far more socially acceptable over the last decade as more people are choosing to shun the traditional ear and nose piercings for something a little more […]

Healthy Ways to Celebrate This New Year

If you used to celebrate the New Year’s Eve drinking a lot of alcohol and then you wake up with a hangover and tell yourself that you’ll never drink alcohol […]