Healthy Ways to Celebrate This New Year

If you used to celebrate the New Year’s Eve drinking a lot of alcohol and then you wake up with a hangover and tell yourself that you’ll never drink alcohol again, it is time to start spending the New Year in much healthier way! No matter what people may think, you can really enjoy celebrating the New Year’s Eve and feel healthier the next day. Here are 8 healthy ways to ring in the New Year.

1. Go skiing

Do you want to run away from everything, stay fit and have a fun New Year’s Eve? Then you should go to a ski resort. Most ski resorts host great parties for New Year’s Eve complete with a tasty buffet dinner and awesome fireworks to assure your night is one to remember. In addition, skiing is an ideal winter activity for burning those extra calories and being in shape, which means you can hit the buffet dinner later without feeling of guilt.

2. Throw a pampering party

One of the healthy ways to celebrate the New Year is to throw a pampering party. Rather than having the usual buffet and drinks, gather all your friends together for a place of pampering. If you can afford, you can hire a massage therapist or mobile beauty to provide some treatments for you and your friends, or buy manicure kits and some face masks. Prepare some healthy snacks such as raw vegetable and dips, and serve your friends healthy mocktails and smoothies.

3. Make healthy cocktails

If you can’t imagine the New Year’s Eve without a drink in hand, you may do it but in the healthiest way by making your own healthy cocktails, using juices and fresh fruits, and drinking in moderation. Making your own cocktails assure that you get some antioxidants and nutrients with your alcohol. It will also help to slow down your drinking.

4. Watch the sunrise

If you are not going to start the New Year indoors, grab a family member, friends or your partner and go out for an early morning stroll to watch the sunrise. It’s not only a great early morning exercise, but you start the New Year watching the sunrise with someone special. And it is more inspiring and leads to a healthy new beginning rather than waking up at midday with a terrible hangover!

5. Go dancing

Many people like dancing, and if you love to dance too, why not celebrate the New Year boogying away all night long? It could help you burn off hundreds of calories and stay fit this New Year. Sure, hitting the dance floor in a bar or club is a great option, but you can also dance at home, if you want to save some money.

6. Go for a midnight run

If you like running, why not start this New Year with healthy resolutions? You could join other runners of your city and go for a midnight run through a local park. If you don’t know any runners in your city, you could run at midnight with your family or some friends. It’s one of the healthiest ways to celebrate the New Year!

7. Play board games with your family

Research findings have shown that spending a lot of time with family and close friends can help you live longer, so why not ring in the New Year with someone special? Certainly, board games can be a little bit cheesy, but it’s a fun way to get the whole family involved. However, don’t get too competitive, everyone should be on speaking terms when the clock strikes a midnight!

8. Watch movies

If all these ways sound like a difficult work, you can celebrate the New Year lying on your comfortable sofa. I’m not going to tell you to watch TV, it’s not good for you. I’m talking about watching your favorite New Year’s movies, especially comedies! It’s beneficial for your mental well-being, immune system and heart, while snacking on popcorn will provide your body with fibre, nutrients and antioxidants.

There are many healthy ways to celebrate the New Year, and if you choose one of them you will forget about a hangover forever. What other healthy ways to start the New Year do you know? What’s your favorite way to ring in the New Year?


Healthy Ways to Celebrate This New Year