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Ways to Feel More Beautiful

If you’re looking for simple ways to feel more beautiful today, I can point you in the right direction. Feeling beautiful goes hand-in-hand with your level of self-esteem and these […]

Best Hair Removal Method for Your Sex Life

Best Hair Removal Method for Your Sex Life : Bikini season is still a few months away, but you have sex year-round (at least we hope so!). What’s the best way […]

How to Grow Out Your Bangs Without Looking Awkward

Don’t let your fringe make you cringe. The main deterrent if you’re considering getting bangs is probably the painfully long growing-out phase. (I’m currently suffering from this a year and […]

Ways sex makes you more beautiful

Think getting busy in the act is only a pleasurable activity? The truth is, it has several hidden benefits, more so for your beauty. Research proves that sex can help […]

Common Beauty Mistakes to Avoid

Your aim may be to look beautiful, but your efforts may be sabotaging your looks. Your beauty routine may be marred by one or more beauty mistakes. If you are […]

Makeup Tips for Women Over 40

By the age of 40, you know that your beauty routine requires more than just makeup. You have to focus on skin care, moisturizing, and choosing makeup carefully to look […]

Makeup Tips for Different Complexions

You may have fair skin, blue eyes and light brown hair, or perhaps you have dark brown eyes, golden brown skin and black hair. Your complexion, hair color, eye color […]

Men Notice First about Women

Have you ever wondered about the things guys notice first about girls? Well, ladies, men are not so difficult to understand since they are actually straight-forward so it can be […]

Benefits of Dragon Fruit

Also known as pitaya, a dragon fruit is becoming a favorite fruit of many people these days. It has plenty of health benefits that you may not even know about. […]