Ways sex makes you more beautiful

Ways sex makes you more beautiful
Ways sex makes you more beautiful

Think getting busy in the act is only a pleasurable activity? The truth is, it has several hidden benefits, more so for your beauty. Research proves that sex can help you look good in terms of your hair and skin. We jot down a few pointers of how having more sex can work wonders for your beauty.

Keeps wrinkles at bay

Wrinkles are an inevitable part of ageing skin but nowadays, even young people are prone to it due to lifestyle changes such as long work hours, less sleep, smoking, drinking, etc., but sex can help keep these at bay. This is because during sex, human growth hormone is released which in turn helps keep the skin more elastic and free of wrinkles.

Adds a healthy glow

If radiant skin is what you are looking for, sex can help you with that too. When you indulge in the act, you sweat and this helps in flushing out toxins from your pores. If you haven’t noticed it yet, check yourself in the mirror before and after sex. You will find your skin to have a natural glow post sex.

Keeps skin looking younger

According to a study by British psychologist, Dr David Weeks, having sex on a regular basis can take five to seven years off your face! Our body also releases oxytocin which is known as the anti-ageing hormone and is only produced during childbirth, besides sex.

Adds shine to hair

Dull hair problems? Sex can be your go-to treatment. Having sex increases estrogen levels in a woman’s body and helps keep the dullness away from one’s hair. It also improves blood circulation in your body, which is always good for your hair and skin.

Boosts collagen

Collagen is found in our skin, which helps keep it elastic and young. With age, it reduces and you will notice your skin looking drier and older than before. In order to boost collagen, have more sex. Another way to improve collagen production is by opting for a sperm facial. Research points out that a component called spermine present in semen is rich in antioxidants and when applied on the face, can prevent the skin from ageing and give it a smoother texture.

Helps burning extra calories

Performing sex involves physical activity. It can be rigorous or can be mild. It can facilitate muscle movements and can improve body strength. Many sex positions targets abs, thighs and shoulder muscles, making your body look well build. It adds to your shape and beauty.

Here we have included Sex Workout Calculator by Dr.Felix, which can give you overview of the calories burnt and muscle movement involved in various sex positions according to your weight.

In a way, sex is perhaps the elixir of youth! So the next time you have a romp in the sack, be happy as it is making you look more gorgeous too.



Ways sex makes you more beautiful

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