You Should Begin Your Own Weight Loss Challenge

When you watch the weight loss challenge show, do you want to be a part of it? Why not start your own weight loss challenge? Okay, you won’t be competing for a quarter of a million dollars, but you will be competing for your health and it’s a big deal! Valuing your health is the biggest thing you can do! You know good health is above wealth! Check out a few reasons why you should begin your own weight loss challenge right now!

1. Set short term and long term goals

To make your goals easily achievable try to set short term mini weight loss goals and long term main goals. For example, lose 5 pounds (it’s a short term mini goal) and then lose 40 pounds or more (it’s a main long term goal.) Be sure to monitor your progress by having weekly weigh-ins for your weight loss challenge.

2. Stay motivated and stay on track

If you begin a three or four month weight loss challenge, it’s a good way to stay motivated as well as stay on track to achieve your weight loss goals. Keep in mind that the biggest reward will be the improvement of your health!

3. Motivate your family and friends

If you start your weight loss challenge, you will motivate your family and friends to focus on their health too. So recruit them to set goals. Moreover, you can join a workout class together and bond as you work to reach your goals to improve your health. You will all feel and look much better!

4. Keep track of what you eat

First of all sign up for an online food tracker. Then log in your everyday food intake and be sure to stay on the right track. It’s one of the biggest reasons why you should start your own weight loss challenge!

5. Make your own healthy dishes

Don’t waste your money on ordering food out. Start making your own healthy and delicious dishes at home! You will know all the ingredients you eat and you can skimp on some calories by opting for the lower calorie meals. Make sure you always bake or grill and never fry. And don’t forget to make a vegetable salad a main course of each meal.

6. Celebrate yourself

I’m sure you often put others before yourself. But it is good to be selfish about your health, trust me! Without good health you can’t help your family and children. So make sure you focus on your own weight loss challenge and be sure in your results. It’s time for you, ladies, to celebrate yourself!

  1. Reward yourself for achieving your goals

As you reach one of your mini and major goals, celebrate it by getting a massage, manicure, pedicure, buying a new dress or whatever else can help you appreciate your accomplishments. Don’t be afraid to reward yourself for achieving your weight loss goals. It’s one of the important parts of your weight loss challenge.

Hope you’ll begin your own weight loss challenge today! I promise you will lose those extra pounds and what more important you will improve your health. How many pounds do you want to lose? Are you going to start your own weight loss challenge? Share your thoughts, please!


You Should Begin Your Own Weight Loss Challenge