Benefits of cuddling and Why is Cuddling so Special?

Benefits of cuddling and Why is Cuddling so Special? It’s been a tiring week. You get home, and the person you love is at the door waiting for you. A warm hug and a cheeky kiss greet you. After enjoying a lovely dinner, things get a little steamy. You and your partner get it on, and eventually, you land inside your room.

Inside your bedroom, one of those bedroom suites you brought from the furniture shop looks so sweet. The two of you roll from left to right, jumping up and down on the mattress. Romance and intimacy fill the air. After a while, you and your partner stare at the ceiling and share some giggles and funny stories from both of your past.

Your partner notices it’s already 12:30 a.m. You decide to call it a night. You then put your right leg over your wife’s leg. She, in turn, moves closer to you to get a lot of that warm feeling she needs when she smiles before sleeping.

In the morning, you and your wife wake up happy and excited to get on with the day. You wonder what kind of magic happened to the both of you while sleeping because of the enchanting bliss of last night’s romantic escapade. You just shrug it off and go on with your daily routines.

To get the science behind the “magic” of cuddling, one has to realize that cuddling is a physiological need. Here are some more reasons why cuddling is so beneficial after a long night’s lovemaking session.


Oxytocin and Dopamine

Oxytocin and Dopamine
Oxytocin and Dopamine, Source:

Oxytocin is a hormone that is responsible for a lot of good things happening inside the human body. It has similar effects to dopamine which also gets released during cuddling. The feeling you get when you eat chocolate or anything good is because of dopamine getting released into the bloodstream.


Boosts the Immune System

Cuddling can often induce positivity in human beings. The power of positivity sometimes come out as scientifically baseless. Contrary to popular belief, positivity does, in fact, play a role in increasing a human being’s immune system. A positive outlook makes the body finely in tune to ward off any bacteria and infection.


Natural Pain Reliever

Natural Pain Reliever
Natural Pain Reliever

Cuddling enables the body to release oxytocin which in turn lets the body produce endorphins, dubbed as the natural painkillers. Remember when you get a good feeling while lightly rubbing a bruise? That’s the power of endorphins doing their work.


Deepens Bonds

Cuddling is not only responsible for physical and physiological changes. It can also affect the psychological aspects of life. In a relationship, the warm touch of a hug or a cuddle can deepen the bond shared by partners. Cuddling also enables them to focus on each other’s problems through spending quality time together.


A Mother’s Touch

There’s a reason why doctors always make it a point to enable the latching of the baby onto the mother immediately after giving birth. For one, the skin to skin contact between mother and child is safe because it thermoregulates both of their body temperatures.

Due to its physical nature, cuddling is responsible for releasing oxytocin in postpartum mothers. With childbirth being extremely painful, endorphins help in reducing that pain. Oxytocin also enables moms to produce a lot of breastmilk for their baby.



Cuddling is a natural behavior done by both men and women after doing romantic maneuvers together. Some people often skip this phase and directly fall asleep. Couples who do not engage in cuddling are shown to have more problematic relationships than those who frequently cuddle.

Even if cuddling caters more to physical arousal and intimacy, its effects are not limited to the latter. Cuddling enables the release of hormones such as Oxytocin and Dopamine. These two hormones have a plethora of uses inside the human body. Cuddling is simply an incredible act done by people. Go out and cuddle your loved ones.


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Javier Olivo is a writer mainly focused on the effects of beds and sleeping patterns towards people. He often concentrates on the physiological and psychological effects that sleep brings to the human body. In his free time, Javier likes going to the gym.





Benefits of cuddling and Why is Cuddling so Special?

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