Benefits of Pilates for Seniors

People of all ages benefit from Pilates but is especially attractive for the aging population.

Benefits of Pilates for Seniors
Benefits of Pilates for Seniors

Benefits of Pilates for Seniors : Pilates has become a popular fitness regimen across the world. It helps to maintain a fit and healthy body without undergoing stressful load-bearing physical exercises yet allowing the body to stay supple and strong. You can move around like a butterfly by defying your age and the various conditions of pain that accompany it.

While you can choose some Pilates franchise and visit their studio to do the exercises, you can even do it at home under the guidance of a qualified, certified and experienced Pilates trainer. The home Pilates exercises are pre-Pilates exercises that form the foundation of other exercises and are excellent for people who want to go through the routine by themselves.

Easy exercises

The Pilates routine is straightforward to perform and is so flexible that you can choose a routine that fits into your schedule. Since people are very busy these days and hard-pressed for time, you can even exercise for just 10 minutes every day to enjoy a healthy life. You can do Pilates anytime you want, and since you can do it at home, it is up to you how you can make the best use of it.  Every Pilate routine offers several benefits, and you must first decide the health issues you want to address through it so that the trainer can recommend the right set of exercises. In general, here are some of the benefits that you can expect from Pilates.

Aiming for good spine health

The spine is at the center of human health which is why it is important to maintain the spine in good condition. The spine supports the musculoskeletal system and bears the entire load and stress generated by movements of the body as a result of which it experiences wear and tear. As age progresses, the spine goes through some degenerative changes that cause pain on the body. Pilates aims at giving more support to the spine that helps the restoration of the vertebral spaces thereby restoring the spine alignment. It creates a feel-good factor by relieving pain and restoring mobility.

Stress-free exercise

Pilates not only provides relief from mental stress by creating a sense of well being but the exercises, unlike traditional exercises are much gentle and does not put any strain on the body. People who start with Pilates enjoy the light and refreshing workouts so much that it eliminates the chances of giving it up after some time as it often happens with other forms of exercises. Consistency is the key to get the best results from Pilates.

Pilates slow down aging

As people grow older, they tend to lose their body balance as the muscles become weak and the nerve receptors lose its sensitivity. Pilates help to stabilize the muscles and nerves from the core that slow down the aging process by restoring muscle strength so that you can walk and move around steadily.

The body becomes more flexible that eases mobility which is a big reward for aging people as they can maintain an active lifestyle.


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Benefits of Pilates for Seniors

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  1. As part of our fitness journey, I’d like to accompany my 62-year-old mom for a Pilates session. It’s good that I came across your article about the benefits of Pilates for seniors. Aside from it is a stress-free form of exercise, I never knew that this can slow down the aging process. Hopefully, I can find classes online that we can sign up for this coming weekend.

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