Benefits of Being Single during the Holiday Season

The holiday season is approaching fast and you are still single and perhaps desperate. Did you not know that there are a few wonderful benefits of being single during the holiday season? This year, embrace your independence and stop moping about not having a partner since being single has plenty of benefits. Sure, you cannot snuggle with your significant other while it is cold or snowing outside and you cannot go out on a romantic date. However, there are many other interesting things you can do being single during the holidays. Meet new people, make friends, spend time with your family, and find a completely new perspective of the holidays through your own eyes. Don’t think that you will be single forever, you will definitely find your man soon enough. So if you are single this holiday season, take a look at the list of 7 amazing benefits of being single during the holiday season! I’m also single this month, but I will definitely enjoy the holidays and I hope you will enjoy as well.

1. Family

Spending more time with your family is one of the best benefits of being single during the holiday season. While this is a difficult topic of discussion for many people, family time is actually essential and it’s great. You might have a complicated relationship with your parents and this holiday season is a perfect time to make it up with them. You can bring a board game and enjoy playing together. If you and your family have never played board games during the holidays, take this holiday season as a great way of beginning an absolutely new tradition. Don’t be afraid to try. You will create happy, priceless and funny memories with your parents and siblings!

2. Me Time

The holiday season is not all about spending time with family and friends. What about ‘me time’? It’s a time to spend some quality time with your thoughts, to pamper yourself, and to enjoy a wonderful alone time. Just sit down with lit candles, hot chocolate, holiday treats and movies and enjoy this time! This holiday season, I’m going to enjoy a nice breakfast in my bed without any distractions, disturbances, or worries. I simply want to drink a tasty hot chocolate in bed, eat different Christmas treats, snuggle with my kitten, Amanda, and enjoy watching my favorite movies the whole day. I think it’s a good idea!

3. Holiday parties

Well, can you tell me when was the last time you went to a holiday party alone? This year, enjoy the freedom of doing what you want and enjoy going to or hosting a holiday party. It’s a great opportunity to go crazy decorating your house or even dorm room and splurge on junk food and party favors. Turn your party favors and food into beautiful decorations for the tables. You don’t actually need a boyfriend to make you feel special these holidays. Having fun at holiday parties is one of the most amazing benefits of being single during the holiday season.

4. A flexible schedule

Perhaps you always went to your partner’s family’s house instead of yours and you didn’t like it. This year, you have a flexible schedule and you can do whatever you always want to do. Having a flexible schedule is really great because you can take a vacation in a different country without asking anybody. You can go and visit your cousins whom you haven’t seen for a long time without thinking that your boyfriend wouldn’t want to go. This holiday season enjoy your freedom and don’t be desperate.

5. Fun

Call up those best friends you haven’t seen for several months and have lots of fun together! While the holidays can be crazy and stressful, it’s a great idea to call up everybody you know who’s single. Just because you are single doesn’t mean you cannot have fun. Besides, sometimes people find their partners when mingling with other singles.

6. Help

Although it can sound like cliché, using your free time to help people in need is another incredible benefit of being single during the holiday season. You can donate toys to kids or visit the elderly. You can even start a new tradition with your family! Volunteer at the soup kitchen or give clothing to homeless shelters. Helping people in need could be one of the best ways to forget about being single and start focusing on a real meaning of this enchanting holiday season.

7. Save

Speaking about freedom, if you are single during the holiday season you don’t have to buy a gift for your partner! While men are simpler and it seems easier to buy presents for them, it still costs money, am I right? This year spend money to make yourself happy. Or, simply help people in need. If you don’t have a partner that means you don’t have to spend time, money, stress for him but instead, you can spend time, money, and stress on yourself! You can also use the money toward purchasing a nice present for your parent, BFF, or even professor. I’m sure they will like it and appreciate it!

Enjoy these charming holidays, even if you are single. Believe me, it’s possible to have fun without having a partner by your side. Do you know any other benefits of being single during the holiday season? Please share your thoughts in the comments section. Thanks for reading!


Benefits of Being Single during the Holiday Season