Best Colors to Wear to Work

It’s such an important issue to choose the right colors to wear to work. While many of us wear neutral colors every day to work, there are many more colors to choose from. Sure, it’s all depends on what type of company you work for. If you want to look professional at work, take a look at this list of the best colors to wear to your work.

1. Brown

A neutral color that is perfect for the office is brown. It’s a professional color that can be easily enhanced with beautiful jewellery, a colorful undershirt, or a beautiful pair of different-colored (not very high) heels that add a bit of style, but look professional.

2. Navy

One of the most popular colors of the year and another great color to wear to work is navy. Perhaps, navy seems boring to you, however, this color signifies stability loyalty, and confidence. Try to pair a navy pencil skirt and a matching jacket with a cute neutral pair of pumps. It will help you look professional.

3. White

No matter where you go, white is always a wonderful choice. The best thing about this color is that it goes with almost everything. You might be afraid of dirtying it up and try to avoid wearing white. However, there is no reason to worry about it. Just carry baby wipes with you and you will always be ready in case you get a spill. Usually, I wear a white blouse under other color jacket or cardigan, and I try to avoid wearing white skirts or pants at the office because they are more vulnerable to getting dirty and much easier to see through. Wearing white outfit implies classiness, cleanliness, and confidence, which everyone finds both professional and pleasant at the same time.

4. Black

Black is your best friend at work, and it’s simply perfect to wear anytime. This color might seem boring at times, but if you choose stylish black fabrics, you will look absolutely professional and gorgeous. You can pair a nice pair of black dress slacks with a beautiful top and a stylish jacket or cardigan to match. You can also wear a black suit and spice it up with a cute pair of earrings.

5. Khaki

Yes, you read it right. Khaki is one of the best colors to wear to work since it shows that you are professional and easy to approach. Khaki works with practically all color schemes, as well as jewellery. Even if it is not real “khaki” material, and simply khaki colored, it is still a wonderful color to wear. It matches black, brown, navy, white, beige and red, therefore it is the perfect color to pair with other work colors.

6. Beige

If you are tired of white and navy, beige is another great color to wear to work. Beige signifies confidence and simplicity as well as implies you are easy to relate to. It’s not flashy and not an intimidating color, so you will look professional, confident, classy, and beautiful at the same time. You can wear a beige skirt, blouse, scarf, or jacket.

7. Red

Finally, red is another excellent color to wear at work, of course, if you wear it the proper way. When you wear too much read, it seems overdone, but when you wear a cute pair of red crop pants with a black blouse and a beautiful pair of black stilettos, you look stylish and professional. Red signifies leadership, confidence, and boldness. Just make sure you wear it the right way.

I personally purchase basic colors of clothes and then try to enhance them in different ways. I like to mix and match various items in order not to wear the same things every day. This is a wise way to look professional and utilize your clothes and your money. It’s better to avoid low cut necklines, flashy jewellery, shorts and skirts higher than two inches above the knee. Also, you must avoid wearing flashy colors such as bright pink and backless tops. It’s great to wear a nice scarf, belt with bright colors, small piece of jewellery, and small handbag. So, what are your favorite colors to wear to work?



Best Colors to Wear to Work