Best Places to Run in Tuscany

Best Places to Run in Tuscany : Running in Tuscany isn’t just healthy. It can also be quite fun, especially if you are new to the region, and particularly if you choose to run in the following places:

Parco Pertini, Arezzo

Arezzo has a lot of green places, and that exposure to nature is bound to accentuate your running experience. Make an effort to go off the beaten path. Yes, there’s a sporting area with all the equipment you might need to get a proper workout.

But Arezzo’s surroundings have a lot more to offer. So go and explore this lower section of the city.


Siena is probably the most beautiful place in Tuscany. So naturally, it is the perfect setting for a refreshing run. Go to the city center. There’s a track that you can follow which takes you from Piazza Della Badia, stretching through the likes of Via Della Stufasecca and Viale Mazzini before reaching the Road-River

You will tour Porta Camolia, Via Montani, Via Florentina, and so many other places. The more time you spend running in Siena, the more familiar you will become with its routes, the more detail you will notice with regards to its historical and artistic beauty.

Cascine Park, Firenze

Any list that features Siena has to also mention Florence in some capacity. Firenze has a public park that is pretty popular among the locals. It is actually the biggest in the city and you will share its roads and paths with other Firenze residents who also love to run and cycle.

There’s a tram that can take you to Cascine if you lack the familiarity with Florence required to find the park on your own from the city center. There is also a litany of routes you could take. One of them leads you along the Arno, past Four Bridges, Ponte Santa Trinita, and Ponte Della Vittoria

Parco di Galceti, Prato

Parco di Galceti is eight acres in size. There is no larger green area in Prato. The six hundred hectares of protected area around Parco di Galceti are more than sufficient for your running needs.

And once you finish the running, you can wind down in the natural science museum with its planetarium and exhibition halls.

River Ombrone, Grosetto

Obviously, you cannot run in the river Ombrone. But the banks of the river are perfectly adequate.

This location is appealing because it lacks the crowds that plague other more popular places. So you can run in relative peace in a serene, well-ventilated space. And the view isn’t too bad.

Simply following the Ombrone should prove adequate for some people. After all, it is Tuscany’s second longest River. Following its banks will take you through the Natural Park of Maremma.

City Walls, Lucca

Lucca is surrounded by a wall of more than four kilometers. Most runners don’t need anything more than this. Just run along the wall. There are trees along the way if you need to rest.

And naturally, the wall provides shade. The genius of this route lies in its simplicity. You can just keep circling for as long as you desire.

The aesthetic of the walls can’t be ignored either. After all, the structure was built in the 1500s. You can feel the magic that comes with age in every section of the wall’s surface. It will keep you focused on the task at hand.

Along with the seafront in Livorno, Le Piagge in Pisa, and Villone Puccini to mention but a few, if you need a place to run in Tuscany, you will be spoilt for choice.

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Best Places to Run in Tuscany

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