Why the Fitting of Clothes is Important

Why the Fitting of Clothes is Important : We all have at least 2-3 beautiful dresses in our wardrobe which was purchased long back thinking one day you will fit into it but sadly that day never came. No matter how beautiful one attire looks, if it doesn’t fit you, it won’t look good on you. One of the most fundamental understandings of fashion says that your attire should be of a perfect fit to give your personality and confidence a big boost.

This makes garment fitting is one of the most important factors while making any clothing purchase. A perfect-fitting attire should fit your figure comfortably. It shouldn’t be too loose and it shouldn’t be too tight. Currently one of the biggest problems of customers is to get the right fit. Nowadays getting the right design is still easier due to the abundance of so many designs in the market. Many customers end up picking up their favorite garments but end up not buying it due to size unavailability. This happens because establishing the right fit is a difficult and complex task.

In a world of billion population, no two human figures are the same. So, imagine the difficulty of brands in establishing sizes. You must have experienced one size in one brand is different than another size in a different brand. This happens due to the lack of no uniform sizing in the industry. Hence brands design fitting based on a particular figure’s shape and height.

To deal with this universal problem of customers, made to measure clothing started. Within no time it has turned popular among shoppers, particularly online shoppers. When someone is making an online purchase based on catalogue and images posted by brands, what you see is a perfect figured model wearing the attire. No matter how bad the dress might be in reality, it will still end up looking good on the models.

But this problem doesn’t happen in measure to measure dress or shirts or any other attire. The perfect fit is the USP of made to measure dress shirts and other pieces that need good tailoring. Unlike bulk production, in Made to measure clothing, each garment is made by measuring the complete figure of the customers. Then only the process of developing pattern blocks starts.

So it has hardly 1% probability of not fitting the wearer of the particular attire. This makes the whole process more sustainable and the customers end up being happy and satisfied. This way customer develops more trust in online purchase which maximizes the chance of both online and offline purchase.

However, when you shop ready-made garments then the chances of returns are high. The ease of online shopping and return policy has made customers to make the return of almost 50% of fashion items. On the other hand, when you are purchasing well-fitted garments then made to measure shirts and made to measure dresses are the best option.

It ensures a perfect according to the body type of the individual customer. You can say made to measure clothing has made shopping personalized. Dresses Ireland Boutique is one the best service provider for your custom fit solutions. Based on your unique figure, the first pattern piece is cut and continues throughout the entire construction process of any garment. Thus you end up with a good garment and you know how satisfying it would be.

Made to measure clothes ensures not just fit but also the aesthetics of your choice of dress. With time many brands are giving their customers made to measure clothes options without putting a lot of stress on their pockets. Invest in smartly-tailored clothes as they will enhance your body figure and experience.





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Why the Fitting of clothes is Important

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