The Top Tips for Beautiful Lips

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The Top Tips for Beautiful Lips
The Top Tips for Beautiful Lips

The Top Tips for Beautiful Lips : According to a survey of 2,000 women, a large percentage of women feel less confident if their lips are chapped or in bad shape.

Having plump and beautiful lips that are in top condition is key to looking put together and sleek. Lips that are chapped are also not an ideal canvas for your favorite bold lip. Even a nude gloss can look a little ragged around the edges if your lips are not on point.

If you are plagued by dry lips, then you know exactly what we are talking about, and probably wish that there is something that you can do. Well, there are quite a few things that one can do to prevent dry and damaged lips from being the bane of your existence.

If you want to know what these are then read on. Because we are about to dish out all of the tips for taking your lips from cracked to kiss-worthy.

Give Your Lips a Break From the Lippie

Unfortunately, lipstick is one of the things that can dry out one’s lips. Most lipsticks contain drying ingredients including chemicals, alcohol, and waxes. If you wear lipstick on the daily, this could be a contributing factor for dry lips.

So, in order to restore your lips back to a luscious pout, it might be a good idea to stash the lippy for a few days at a time and see if your lips freshen up. Matte lipstick is especially drying, so if that is your go-to coverage this could very likely be the culprit of any chapping you might be experiencing.

Find a Good Natural Lipstick

Fortunately, if you find out that your lipstick is the cause of your lip woes—there is another alternative to giving up lip color for days at a time. And that is to go for a gentle or natural brand of lipstick.

Lipstick brands that contain only natural and beneficial ingredients will often incorporate healing compounds into their products. Natural lipsticks also tend to contain a higher amount of moisturizing ingredients such as shea butter vitamin E oil and jojoba oil.

Drink Enough Water

Chapped lips are often a sign of dehydration, so if you are not drinking enough water this could be one of the hidden causes of dry lips.

There is only so much moisture that you can inject into your lips through moisturizing, so be sure to drink at least half a gallon of water per day. Staying hydrated will not only moisturize your lips from the inside, but it will also benefit your skin in general—so it’s a win-win situation.

Resist Licking Your Lips When They Are Dry

What do we all do when our lips become dry or cracked? Lick them of course! But this is one of the worst things that you can do.

Licking one’s lips temporarily gives them a coat of moisture and some relief from the dry feeling, but very soon your saliva will evaporate. This, in turn, dries out the lips even further, which makes one want to lip them, and so it goes until your lips are hopelessly rough and chapped.

So instead of licking at dry lips…

Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize

Do you know what the underlying reason why lips can get so dry?

Well, according to science, our lips are the one area of our skin that does not have any sweat glands. Sweat glands are responsible for excreting sebaceous oil, which naturally moisturizes our skin. Lips, on the other hand, do not have this advantage, and so tend to dry out much faster than the skin on our face and body.

In addition, sun, cold air, dry air, beauty products, and cleansing products all dry out one’s lips. To give them a protective barrier against these factors you need to moisturize.

You can use natural lip balms, chapsticks, or if there is nothing else on hand even a little coconut oil or olive oil from the kitchen. Try to avoid petroleum-based lip balms as these are not good for your lips in the long term and can cause your lips to become reliant on these products.

Exfoliate Your Lips Along with Your Face

Do you like the way your face feels after an exfoliation? If so, why wouldn’t you want the same dewy softness for your lips?

Exfoliation serves to slough off dry and dead skin cells revealing a new, fresh and plump layer of skin beneath. Exfoliating your lips will remove the buildup of dead skin that dryness has left behind so that new soft skin can take its place.

So, if you want smooth soft lips, make sure that you not only exfoliate your face but your lips as well. You can buy exfoliating products especially for lips, or you can do a DIY sugar or coffee grain scrub.

Incorporate Sun Protection into Your Lip Care

Just like the rest of the skin on our face, our lips are also sensitive to sun damage. To avoid dryness and pigmentation on one’s lips it is important that you work in some kind of sun protection into your lip care.

The easiest way to do this is to use a lip balm or lip product that contains SPF or some other form of sunscreen.

Go Fuller with Fillers

And lastly, if you are unhappy with the size and shape of your lips, and are yearning to have a fuller pout, then you can consider Lip Fillers.

Lip fillers are an easy way to achieve the lips that you want in a way that makeup can never fully do. Although lip fillers last for a few months, the results are not permanent meaning that you can revert back to your normal lip size if you want to.

So, if all that is left to be desired of your lips is some Kylie Jenner style fullness—consider being bold and having some fun with fillers.

Go Out and Show Off Those Beautiful Lips to Their Best!

Ridding yourself of dry and chapped lips is not easy to do if you don’t know where to start. But now that you know about these top tips for getting your lips into a state of irresistible gorgeousness, you are steps away from having soft and perfect lips.

After that, all that’s left to do is to go on out and show off those beautiful lips to the world!

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The Top Tips for Beautiful Lips

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