Best Pregnancy Workouts And Exercises For Women

Best Pregnancy Workouts And Exercises For Women : Apart from being a joyous occasion in most cases, pregnancy can be a very sensitive time for a mother and her unborn child. From visiting the doctors regularly for routine checkups to eating the right foods and resting well, mom-to-be’s leave no stone unturned to ensure the well-being of their unborn baby.

If you are pregnant or are taking care of someone who is expecting, then you would want to know what else can be done to ensure a healthy delivery? The answer is exercise, an excellent add on to the basic wellness routine. However, you might have some qualms about adding an exercise routine in this condition, so let’s address that first.

Is it safe to exercise during pregnancy?

As an expectant mother, you will do everything in your power to provide the best care for your child. This will include getting a host of prenatal tests done to ensure that the baby is healthy, and might also involve genetic testing. However, while genetic testing can identify birth defects if any, it can’t predict the health complications that the baby might develop with age. Moreover, studies have shown that children of parents who fall under the obese category run a greater risk of high blood sugar and other health issues, which are mostly developed after birth.

Thus, in order to prevent any post-birth complications, it is vital to take care of your physical health during the pregnancy, which includes staying fit with regular exercise. Of course, as you approach the later trimesters, you won’t be able to engage in vigorous physical activity, but even light exercises go a long way to keep you relaxed and healthy. To conclude, it is perfectly safe to have a workout routine during pregnancy. However, you still have to select the right exercises to prevent undue stress on your body.

To help you with this endeavour, we are listing out 4 best exercise regimens for pregnant women.

Best pregnancy workouts and exercises for women

  1. Yoga

    Yoga has always been touted as a workout suitable for all ages, and this perception holds true for pregnant women as well. A good yoga session has a multitude of benefits such as increased relaxation, flexibility, improved focus and breathing capabilities, all of which will come in handy in the delivery room. Of course, certain poses are not recommended during pregnancy, so avoid backbends, handstands and headstands.

    If you already attend a yoga class, ask your instructor to help tailor your movements according to your condition. In case you are considering joining a class, then look specifically for yoga sessions directed towards pregnant women, for you will find valuable insights there.

  2. Swimming, Walking & Running

    Lately, water aerobics has been all the rage in the fitness community. This is due to the buoyant effect of water, which makes all movements easier, perfect for pregnant women. If not water aerobics, a simple swim in the pool is equally beneficial, for it reduces nausea, sciatic pain and relieves your puffy ankles. Moreover, as your joints and ligaments become looser as the pregnancy progresses, swimming in the water will really improve your mobility.

    Nothing can beat good old walking, of course, an activity as old as time. It’s easy, hassle-free, and you can do it any time during the pregnancy, and even on the day of the delivery, as walking helps with the contractions. Plus, you don’t need any fancy equipment or a class, making it the best way to relax and stay in shape.

    Although it might seem unlikely, running is also a popular activity among pregnant women. If you are an experienced runner, then you can continue the routine, but do consult a doctor first. Furthermore, don’t overdo it and stick to level terrain or a treadmill.

  3. Indoor Cycling

    Spinning classes are supposed to be intense, so how can it be suitable for pregnant mothers? Well, it can be, provided you make a few adjustments. Indoor cycling is a great way to stay in shape without adding too much load on your knees and feet. If your obstetrician gives you the go-ahead, you can opt for this workout. However, it’s preferable if you have already attended spin classes before so that you know a thing or two about lowering the intensity. If you feel overheated or too tired, stop immediately and also make sure to not lean forward too much, as it would put undue pressure on your lower back.

  4. Going to Aerobics classes

    If you like socializing along with your workouts, then low impact aerobics classes might be the best bet for you. A moderate and fun cardio workout such as a dance or Zumba class will get your blood flowing and it also releases endorphins, which will keep your mood elevated. In case you were already into aerobics before conceiving, you can continue with your regimen, but do tone down your intensity. If you are a newbie, then avoid doing movements that require balancing, as your centre of gravity will change as you reach advanced stages of pregnancy. Also, avoid excessive jumping or working out to the point of exhaustion. Remember, the goal here is to simply stay active and healthy for yourself and the child.


If you are pregnant or are a caregiver, then these 4 exercises are excellent ways to stay healthy and in shape. However, before you begin any workout routine, do consult your doctor, for there are certain cases where working out is not encouraged such as vaginal bleeding, pelvic pain or dizziness. Moreover, this list is by no means exhaustive, so if you find another exercise that is easy on your body and is approved by your obstetrician, then you can definitely go ahead with it.




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Best Pregnancy Workouts And Exercises For Women

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