Best Ways to Protect Your Hair at the Beach

My hair tends to be frizzy, dry, and coarse every time I go to the beach, so I’ve found some best ways to protect the hair at the beach. Check out these tips for protecting your hair at the beach, so you can enjoy the ocean air and still maintain your lovely locks!

1. Go natural

Letting your hair air dry is much healthier and better for your hair. One of my favorite tricks is to wash my hair and put it into a bun with a little conditioner in it. After a few hours I take it down, and my hair is soft, wavy and a little moist, but it dries in no time. This summer ditch your hair dryer for healthy, beautiful hair!

2. Avoid harsh styling agents

Another great way to protect your hair at the beach is to avoid hairsprays, gels, and other styling agents. If you have flat or oily hair, you can try a sea salt mist or skip shampooing at least one day. If you have dry hair, use a moisturizing styling lotion or double up on the conditioner. I like moisturizing styling lotion with coconut oil or shea butter to keep my hair tamed, soft and shiny.

3. Apply coconut oil on tips

Many women think that coconut oil can make their hair oily, but it’s not true! Rub a dime sized amount of coconut oil between your hands for several seconds, and apply it on the ends of your hair. Sealing can make all the difference, and it will not make your hair oily. Apply coconut oil on your tips before you head to the beach and after if you want to maintain your strands.

4. Condition your hair before you comb it

Don’t comb your hair after being out on the beach, as it can make your hair break off and cause it to look frayed, frizzy and all out of sorts. So always condition your hair before you comb it. It’s one of the best ways to protect your hair at the beach!

5. Choose the right comb

If you are using a comb or regular hairbrush, make sure it has the rubber tips at the end of each tooth of the comb or brush bristle. It’s very important to choose the right comb, since it’ll make all the difference in protecting your hair when you are at the beach.

6. Take along bobby pins

I like bobby pins and I take along them everywhere. They don’t tear my hair and when my hair is a bit drier at the beach, it’s extremely important. Bobby pins are cheap and there are many styling creations to make with them. I especially like using bobby pins to keep fly-away hairs off my face.

7. Eat healthy fats

To protect your hair at the beach you should also eat healthy fats! They condition your hair from the inside out and they are good for your metabolism if in right portions. Have avocados, coconut oil and almonds in smoothies, and eat salads dressed with flax or hemp oil. Your hair will be very soft and shiny, and that’s vital at the beach where the ocean air and humidity dries it out so fast.

These ways are easy, and they do not sacrifice your style, right? Do you have any tips for protecting your hair at the beach? Share your tips with us, please.


Best Ways to Protect Your Hair at the Beach