Your Boyfriend is Having an Emotional Affair

Every relationship has a basis in emotions, that’s why it’s important to be aware of the signs your guy is having an emotional affair. In fact, an emotional affair is even worse than a sexual affair in some aspects, as your guy can grow to care for this person on a very deep level and can even grow to love them. If you feel that your boyfriend is having an emotional affair, you need to take a look at my list of signs your boyfriend is having an emotional affair, and compare his behavior!

1. Late night phone conversations

If it’s an emotional affair online, then the conversations on the phone might happen late at night, when you’re not around or when you’re sleeping. If you have noticed that your man is having night conversations with somebody, or he is always busy at work and has no free minute to text you or talk to you, that’s a warning sign.

2. Hiding text messages

If your boyfriend or husband is in an emotional relationship, he will do his best to hide it from you. He may get protective over his phone, especially over his text messages. He may even put a password on his phone, so that you’ll not be able to access it without him knowing. You can find to whom your partner is texting by simple no-cost reverse phone lookup. By performing a reverse phone search, you’ll be able to find information such as owner information, contact details, location history, social media profiles, previous addresses, and more.

3. Constant talk about his ‘friend’

If your guy is very open about his ‘friend’ and he is constantly talking about them, this might be an emotional affair. Sure, I’m not saying that all of friends of your partner are emotional affairs, however, if he is always bringing up ‘Jessy’ or ‘Lucy’ and saying how much she listens and how she is always there for him – that’s a warning sign!

4. Not venting

Does your boyfriend still bring up all of the worries and frustrations and tell you how his day is going? Does he talk to you about his deep secrets? If he is not talking to you, this might be a sign that he is talking to his new friend about all of his fears and deepest secrets.

5. Constant chatting

If your partner is constantly with his laptop and he is constantly chatting with someone, this is certainly one of the signs he is having an emotional affair online. Perhaps, it’s time to have a serious talk with him.

6. He is more protective over his laptop

As with phone, if your guy is more protective over his laptop or computer, that’s a warning sign that he is having an emotional affair. Sure, the two of you need some privacy in your relationship, however, if he freaks out when you log into his laptop, that’s a bad sign.

7. He is in a better mood when not talking to you

Finally, let’s talk about his mood. If your partner is happy when he gets off the phone with his friend and more depressed when he talks to you, this is a big sign that you should watch out for. Your boyfriend might be having an emotional affair!

Now that you are aware of the most obvious signs of an emotional affair, you may want to pay more attention to your guy’s behavior. Is your partner having an emotional affair? What are you going to do?




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Your Boyfriend is Having an Emotional Affair

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