Breast Augmentation: Before and After Surgery

If you have recently decided to take a closer look at the breast augmentation procedure, then you are probably wondering what you can expect before and after this treatment. While breast implant surgery has a very high success rate, patients should prepare themselves for a major operation. Here is a closer look at exactly how breast augmentation surgery is carried out and some steps that you can take to speed up your recovery.

The Breast Implant Procedure

This operation is a great option for healthy adults who want to boost their confidence by increasing the size of their breasts. When you first arrive at the surgical center, a team member will take you to a private room where you can get comfortable. Dr. Linder will then mark the treatment sites and have a team member administer the anesthetic. Once that anesthetic has kicked in, our team can then make the incisions and position the implants within the breasts.

The location of the incisions depends on many different factors, including the overall size of the implants and what type of material is being used. If we are going to carry out a breast revision procedure, then that could impact the placement of the incisions as well. In most cases, we can hide the incisions in the armpits or the natural contours of the patient’s breasts. Once the procedure is over, the incisions are closed up and a compression sleeve is placed over the treatment site.

Before Your Operation

Well before your procedure takes place, you will need to schedule a consultation with Dr. Linder. During that meeting, we can teach you more about this type of surgery and show you some breast augmentation before and after photos. You will also be given comprehensive pre-op instructions so that you know exactly what to expect. As a general rule, we suggest that our patients try to remain as healthy as possible in the weeks leading up to their operations so that they recover as quickly as possible.

Your Breast Augmentation Recovery

The total length of your recovery depends on a few different variables, and that includes your age, which material is going to be put in the implants, and your overall health. Immediately following your breast augmentation in Beverly Hills, you should plan on remaining relatively immobile for at least three or four days. During that time, you will be provided a prescription to ease your discomfort. After a few days, most of our patients can begin to slowly move around. While every patient is slightly different, the average individual is going to fully recover within a few weeks.

Is Breast Augmentation Right for Me?

As long as you are a relatively healthy adult with realistic expectations, this procedure could be a great option for you. Implants are going to increase the size of your bustline as well as give you a more proportioned and balanced appearance. With the proper aftercare, you should able to maintain the results for 10 years or longer.







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