Breast Lifts vs Breast Augmentations : Which Is Right for Me?

Breast Lifts vs. Breast Augmentations: Which Is Right for Me?

Breast Lifts vs Breast Augmentations : Which Is Right for Me? Over the course of a few years, you might begin to notice some major changes in the appearance of your breasts. Everything from breastfeeding to hormonal fluctuations can alter the size, positioning, and shape of your breasts, and there may come a point when you would like to alter your bustline.

Two of the most popular surgical options for enhancing your breasts are the breast augmentation and breast lift procedures, and both of those operations can have a major impact on your body as well as your self-image. Here is a closer look at just a few of the key differences between those operations and some signs that you might be ready for cosmetic surgery.

Understanding Breast Augmentation Surgery

Hundreds of thousands of patients undergo this popular procedure every year, and it has helped millions of women boost their confidence. During breast augmentation surgery, either silicone or saline implants are inserted into small cavities in the chest, and they can increase the size of the breasts by one or more cup sizes. In addition to having an incredibly high success rate, this procedure also has a relatively quick recovery. Many patients are back on their feet within a very short period of time, and the improvements often last for years with the proper aftercare.

A Closer Look at Breast Lifts

While a breast lifts can make the breasts appear fuller, that isn’t the primary purpose of this procedure. The goal of a lift is to enhance the appearance of the breasts by altering their position. In most cases, the surgeon will remove some of the excess tissue and then pull the remaining tissue higher on the chest. This procedure is also a great option for patients who are unhappy with the size or position of the areolas. As the breast tissue is being moved around, the surgeon can also reposition the areolas to create a natural and youthful appearance.

Which Is Right for Me?

Determining which of these two procedures is right for you is going to require a little bit of research and some help from a cosmetic surgeon. Every single patient has slightly different needs, and there isn’t a single type of implant or operation that is going to work for everyone. During the initial consultation with your surgeon, you will need to discuss many different variables, and that includes your cosmetic goals, your medical history, and if you plan on having any children in the future.

As a general rule, breast augmentation surgery is the best option for women who primarily want to increase the size of their breasts. After the implants have been inserted, the breasts are going to appear fuller and well-balanced. Breast augmentation is also going to have a big impact on how the breasts feel. With a breast lift, the surgeon will remove unwanted tissue and pull the breasts higher on the chest. The breast lift is usually an ideal option for women who are struggling with sagging or deflated breasts.

Combining the Procedures

In many cases, patients decide that they would like to have both of these procedures carried out at the same time. Before the implants are put in place, the surgeon might be able to remove some excess tissue and create cavities that are higher on the chest. The best way to determine which of these procedures is right for you is to schedule an appointment with an experienced cosmetic surgeon. During that consultation, you will get more information on how these procedures are carried out and what types of results you can expect.





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