Build A Better Immunity System To Fight Diseases

Build A Better Immunity System To Fight Diseases : The world is under the attack of Corona virus and the sole thing that can rescue humanity is a vaccine. There are multiple vaccines already performing human trials on sections of the population. Once the vaccines are approved by the legal authorities, they will be made accessible to the common population.

But until and unless the world gets a hold on the vaccine, everyone is under threat. All the protocols of social distancing should be maintained to assure the safety of the collective humanity. The goal right now is to build better immunity, so that people are well-equipped to deal with this deadly virus. Famous American doctor and the co-founder of Wright foundation, Dr Bob Wright says “No doctor has ever healed anyone of anything in the history of the world, the human immune system heals and that’s the only thing that heals.”

  1. Don’t Smoke

    Smoking has an adverse effect on the lungs and the respiratory system. It is not only harmful to the person who smokes but also for the people around whom he smokes. Passive smoking can cause lung cancer too.

  2. Proper Diet

    Having a balanced and healthy diet is crucial to building immunity. Consult a physician online to get all the information required regarding daily diet chart. People with pre-existing conditions must follow doctors’ guidelines thoroughly to avoid any kind of health downfall.

    • Eat leafy greens: Green vegetables are needed for a healthy digestive system.
    • Protein: Protein intake is mandatory to maintain a healthy body. Milk, eggs and meat are the primary sources of protein, although there are certainly vegan options for protein intake. Ask nutritionist if alternative protein sources will suit the personal dietary chart and provide with the nutrients the body requires.
    • Vitamin C: Load up on this good vitamin to boost your immune system. Fruits such as Cantaloupe, citrus fruit juices, mango, orange, papayas are rich in vitamin C. Vitamin tablets too assists to increase the immune support and makes one internally strong.
    • Nuts and seeds: Nuts such as almonds, hazelnuts, peanuts and seeds of various kinds are rich in vitamin E. These are essential to building a healthier body structure.
  1. Sleep

    Sleeping for at least a good eight hours a day is necessary. Here are a few helpful tips to fall asleep on time.

    • Make it a habit. Set a sleeping time and stick to that timeframe daily.
    • Do not drink coffee in the evening.
    • Do not take naps in the afternoon.
    • Don’t engage in social media after dinner.
    • Don’t have a heavy dinner just before going to bed.
    • Do not watch late-night shows or read interesting books at night.
    • Play soothing music in the bedroom.
    • Dim the lights of the bedroom after dinner.
  1. Exercise routine

    With proper diet, one needs to do regular workout to keep the body active and functioning. Cycling and jogging are two easy ways to get into daily cardio; add running and skipping to your cardio list as well. Some may find peace in doing light yoga every morning. In these trying times of COVID-19, it is advisable not to go to the gym until the situation is improved. Personal trainers are providing online classes to guide people with proper exercise techniques. Take the virtual help if necessary and get the body into shape.

Daily nourishment and proper sleep are absolutely essential for a strong immunity system. It is important to stay informed with the safety guidelines of the pandemic. Avoid going out of the house unless it is absolutely essential. Don’t forget to wear masks, covering your nose and mouth area, and use sanitizers. We can save the world only by following the safety protocols and safeguarding our own selves.







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Build A Better Immunity System To Fight Diseases

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