Before Buying a New Mattress

Before Buying a New Mattress
Before Buying a New Mattress

Sleep is the most important thing in any person’s life. Without a good night’s sleep a person is more likely to have a car accident and not be efficient at work. Proper sleep comes from having the right mattress.

Unfortunately, when a person goes mattress shopping, that person is relying on the salesman to be honest and factual about proper sleep and what mattress will be the best fit. Salesmen are there to do only one thing, make a sale. Being a knowledgeable consumer about mattresses is the best way to avoid overpaying or buying the wrong mattress. You can refer to Sleepify for online reviews of best mattress.

Here are some tips and hints about what to look for and what not buy when mattress shopping.

Before a person even goes to the mattress store to buy a new mattress, make sure they know what position they sleep in. Side sleepers and back sleepers need a different kind of mattress than a stomach sleeper. If a person tosses and turns, that is a sign the mattress needs to be replaced. Find what position is most comfortable; side, back, stomach. This is only for a person is looking for an innerspring (coiled) mattress, here are some tips:

1. Side Sleepers

Look for a plush or pillow top mattress. When a person is on their side, the shoulders and hips, which are the heaviest points of the body, grind into the bed. The plush or pillow top cushion of the mattress keeps the pressure off the shoulders and hips from hitting the hard springs.

2. Back Sleepers

Look for a plush or pillow top mattress. One of the biggest fallacies for back sleepers is those people need a firm bed. When a person is on their back, the firm mattress does not conform to the curves. This leaves the back unsupported and causes pain. (Usually the pain occurs in the lower back where the arch is at its greatest point). Having a pillow top or plush allows the comfort of the mattress to conform and support the person’s back.

3. Stomach sleepers

Look for a firm mattress. Stomach sleepers need a firm mattress because the back and shoulders need to be in a straighter position to produce maximum comfort.

Foam mattresses are a lot different than inner spring mattresses. Since there are no springs (coils) inside a foam mattress, the body does not get any resistance. Selecting a proper foam mattress is really going to come down to comfort. A firm foam mattress would still be the best recommended for a stomach sleeper though. The biggest problem when selecting a foam mattress is selecting the right one. Foam mattresses are said to make a person sleep hotter and this is true, however there is a reason.



Before Buying a New Mattress