Can’t Exercise Because of Knee Pain? Here Are Some Solutions

Can’t Exercise Because of Knee Pain? Here Are Some Solutions
Can’t Exercise Because of Knee Pain? Here Are Some Solutions

Can’t Exercise Because of Knee Pain? Here Are Some Solutions : There are numerous reasons why a person may not be able to exercise due to having sore knees. According to one report that as much as 18.2% of people in the world have knee pain which can be attributed to arthritis, and as much as 8.75 million could still be undiagnosed.

But that’s just arthritis. Other reasons for knee pain include injuries, tracking disorders, and gout to name a few. Fortunately though, with a bit of problem solving and some simple techniques, there are steps that you can take in order to relieve the pain and increase your fitness levels.

Make an appointment

Many people don’t go to their doctor for fear of having to have an operation; however, there are a number of non-surgical options available to reduce knee pain. A course of physiotherapy, cortisone injections, or joint fluid supplements are all alternative therapies that a health care professional will be able to advise you on in order to ease pain. Finding out the root cause for your knee pain will be the number one catalyst in treating and preventing future issues.


Knee braces are a popular method of supporting the knee when pain occurs. Functional braces give support to the knee in cases of injury, unloader/offloader braces provide relief from arthritic pain, and rehabilitative braces support the knee cap in order to limit movement. In order for these to be effective though, it is important that you know what type of knee issue you have so that you can select the most effective type of brace.


Wearing the right shoes on a permanent basis can go a long way in relieving knee pain by distributing your weight evenly and holding your foot in place. There are specially made shoes that you can buy which help reduce knee pain by cushioning and repositioning the foot – however, they can be expensive. As an alternative, most sports shoes provide extra cushioning and feature insoles which keep your feet in the correct position when walking.


Stretching before and after relaxes the muscles surrounding the knee and relieves pain before exercise. Exercises which focus on the quads, hamstring, calf, and glutes are all effective in reducing pain before you exercise. Try holding each stretch for 30 seconds and repeat each one five times.

Strengthen the muscles

If you don’t know the reason for your knee pain then it is not advisable to undertake any sort of muscle strengthening exercises without seeking professional advice first. However, in cases such as patella tracking disorders, where the knee cap is misaligned, strengthening exercises can be beneficial in realigning the knee which can be pushed out of place. By building up the muscles surrounding your knee, you eventually be able to engage in low impact exercises in order to stay fit.

Low impact activates

Always choose exercises that don’t involve much impact to the knee area. Walking, swimming, moderate amounts of cycling, elliptical trainer and low impact aerobics are all ideal exercises for those with sore knees who are looking to get fit. Always start off any exercise routine in short time-frames, and work up to longer periods of exercise to avoid discomfort.

Unfortunately, knee problems aren’t always fixable and may remain throughout a person’s lifetime. However, if you’re able to pin point the exact cause, make use of support braces when necessary, and incorporate the correct stretching and strengthening exercises into your daily routine, then your knee pain will greatly reduce – ultimately enabling you to undertake exercise on a regular basis.




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Can’t Exercise Because of Knee Pain? Here Are Some Solutions

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