Top 6 Massage Techniques for Stress Relief

Top 6 Massage Techniques for Stress Relief : Massage is a source to get relief, especially in a critical situation when everyone is facing a tough time. If we talk about the time of the pandemic then we have seen that everyone was suffering from stress. The reason for facing the stress is the loss of a job and facing a financial crisis.

In such cases, everyone was searching for the best way to get relief from the stress and depression. The time of lockdown was a tough phase for everyone in this world.

Also, this phase covered all types of humans from a child to a person who is 50 plus in age. According to recent research, various people started to get stress-releasing medicines, so that, they can get relaxation. But unfortunately, these medicines also couldn’t work for them. So, this article will explain 6 important massage techniques that will help you a lot in this regard.

  1. Tired Eyes

    Your eyes are the main organ of your body and they perform a lot of tasks all day. Besides this, some people feel irritation in their eyes due to the constant visual activity. You’ll get amazed by knowing that eyes also have some massage methods. This massage is extremely good for your visual activity, particularly for those who have strict visual activities. Also, eyes irritation is caused by continuous staring at the computer or mobile screens. So, this is the reason that the continuous visual activity brings the dark spots in that area. The eye massage helps in getting rid of the sinus pressure. It is good for eye rinsing.


    The method of the massage eye is one of the simple methods and gives you a long-lasting effect. You need to close your eyes and put your right-hand thumb on your eyebrows exactly on the inner corner of the eye socket. Try to press this part and mildly move your thumb on the smallest circles. Now continue to move the thumb slowly on the eyebrows and try to bring the thumb near the nose. You can repeat this process several times a day and make your eye muscles relaxed. Try to keep moving the thumb around your eyes and on your nose bridge. It is an extremely good way to reduce the tension and stress of the eyes within a few minutes.

  2. Headache Massage

    Headache is the most common pain in many people and it may have various reasons. The foremost reason for headaches is the stressful task. But now you can get relief from this pain due to massage therapy. Also, some people have trigger point pain around their head, so they do oil massage of their head. But headache massage technique has amazing benefits for you because it regulates blood circulation. Here is a method of it:


    • Place your thumb on your cheekbone and move it close to your ears. Now use mildly your fingertips and smear the pressure and try to scrub the temples area of your face.
    • You have to keep the pressure in a firm form and continue to move your fingers in a smaller circular motion. Now keep your finger in the lane of the hairline, so that, they connect to the middle of the forehead. Now try to give the full reflexology to your forehead and the scalp of your head.
  3. Hand Massage Therapy

    Do you know that if you give a proper massage to your hand then you can get rid of the headache? Yes, this is the time when you will feel good after moving your hand to a tough task. Giving the kneading to your hands will not only release the tension but will also improve the blood circulation in the body. Moreover, the hand massage is good for those who have frequent use of the keyboard all day. Not only this but it makes your hand muscles firm.


    • Try to make the elasticity of your hand and pull your fingers out with the pressure. Now try to scrub each tip of the finger to the base and constantly pull the finger gently.
    • Now keep your left hand at rest and keep your palm on the upward side on your stage or palm. Now try to squash the main part of your palm between the right thumb and index finger.
    • You can repeat this process thrice in a day or whenever you want to do it.It will help you a lot in making your hand muscles strong and rigid. Also, you can enable further typing tasks.
  4. Neck Tension Massage

    Neck pain is the most dangerous pain in various people but if you keep massaging your neck after some time, you’ll get relief. Here is a massage technique for the neck:


    • When you are sitting at the table and using the computer on the daily basis. Your neck muscles get stiff and you can’t move properly. So, while sitting before the computer keep your index finger and thumb on the trigger points.
    • Now try to move your finger and thumb in the round shape and keep your hand in the circular motion.
    • Also, you can use the elbow by placing it on the table and keep your head in the downward form. Now you can apply the same method of thumb and index finger on your trigger point.
  5. Shoulder Massage

    Every tennis player must face the stiffness of the shoulder while playing tennis. Also, some people have genetic problems with shoulder pain. So, if you are one of them and suffering from the same condition then here is a solution.


    • Pick any hardball and stand along with a ball while keeping the distance. Now keep this hardball between your shoulder and wall with someone’s help.
    • You can also lay down on the floor and do the same method once a week or a day.
  6. Lower Back Massage

    Lower back pain is most common in older age. They do different things and take various medicines for getting rid of it. Sometimes it happens due to the lack of calcium but there is a technique that can give you relief from it.

    • Stand up in a straight form and grab your waist with both hands. Your thumbs and fingers must face the downward direction.
    • Now try to press the spine carefully and repeat this process again and again.
    • You can do this process for the extra time where you feel trigger pain.


Massage is one of the best techniques for making the body strong and flexible. However, many people are there that find the best place for massage treatment. This meridian spa is a platform that has multiple sources to make their customers relaxed and calm. Also, it is a good place that enhances the good experience of your massage therapy as well. Now it is up to you how much time you’ll take in reducing your muscles’ tension.



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Top 6 Massage Techniques for Stress Relief

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