Caring for an Aging Parent? Visit a Geriatric Specialist

Caring for an Aging Parent? Visit a Geriatric Specialist : Caring for an aging parent is a challenge. Addressing the physical, emotional, and mental changes they experience can be overwhelming. Since they are close to your heart, you want to help them maintain as much independence and quality of life as possible while also providing care that meets their needs.

This can be effortless when you go to a geriatric specialist. They usually have a great mastery of the prevention and management of chronic diseases. In Chamblee, Georgia, you’ll find remarkable senior experts who are ready to offer you the proper assistance.

What is Geriatric Care?

Geriatric care emphasizes providing medical services to address the normal problems of aging rather than specific diseases. This specialty in medicine provides appropriate diagnosis, preventive measures, and treatments for 65 years or older.

Why Is Geriatric Care Important?

The elderly population has increased over the past years due to increased lifespan by improving health care and a better lifestyle. This means that chronic disorders that were once only common in adults are now becoming more prevalent in the aged population. The number of patients with Alzheimer’s disease has risen from 1 out of 100 to 1 out of 10 over the past 50 years, making geriatric care more relevant worldwide.

What is a Senior Specialist, and Why Should You See One?

A geriatric specialist is a physician who has been certified in their specialty of geriatrics. This means that they have had at least two additional years of training beyond the four-year medical degree in a residency program in family medicine, internal medicine, or pediatrics and then passed the board certification test in old-age services. They are also required to have a vast knowledge of the diagnosis and management of chronic diseases experienced by older adults, for instance, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and heart disease.

What Conditions Will They Treat?

The senior care physicians can diagnose, manage, or prescribe treatment for common age-related problems such as memory loss, dementia and behavior problems, urinary incontinence, and hearing loss, and adapt living conditions such as physical therapy or occupational therapy. They can also provide families with care needs for patients suffering from chronic diseases such as congestive heart failure, diabetes mellitus, and asthma.

A Checklist of Things to Talk About when Meeting with the Senior Specialist

  • Underlying Problems – This includes memory loss, falls and mobility issues, dizziness, and depression in the elderly population.
  • Health Conditions – These include heart disease, diabetes mellitus, hypertension, allergies, or asthma.
  • Other Medical Conditions – Some of these are osteoarthritis, rheumatic disorders.

Chamblee is a city in Georgia that is one of America’s most livable cities. Now, it also offers geriatric care with some of the best physicians you can find. If you are searching for an expert who understands how to address your senior parent’s needs or you require assistance caring for them, a specialist can help. They also have a wide range of treatments that they use when serving patients. Find specialists in geriatrics in Chamblee, GA, with suitable excellence in their work.




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Caring for an Aging Parent? Visit a Geriatric Specialist

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