Cheap and Creative Dating Ideas for Teens

Dating ideas for teens can be very difficult to come up with. Most teens don’t have a job so inventing some cheap and creative ways to get alone time you are looking for is vital. A movie and dinner will definitely get boring and it won’t give you much time to get to know each other. Check out a few cheap and creative dating ideas for teens!

1. Hit the flea markets, garage sales or thrift shops

Well, this doesn’t sound like the great idea to some people, but to the creative and adventurous this kind of date can be really fun! On the weekend hit the thrift shops, flea markets or garage sales in your area. Decide on the amount you each will spend and either find the best gift you can for your date or find some great things for yourself. That’s one of the cheapest and most creative dating ideas for teens!

2. Take fun photos with your date

Since most teens have cell phones and most cell phones have cameras, why not take fun photos with your date? Go for a walk with your guy and take turns being a model at different locations. Don’t forget to take a few photos of the two of you together! If you don’t have a digital camera or a camera on your cell phone, disposables cost only $8 for two.

3. Go for a hike

Going for a hike can be really romantic and very memorable. So pack some sandwiches, some bottles of water and snacks and go for a hike. When you and your date get to a scenic place, sit down and have a picnic. It’s one of the best ways to spend quality time together and to get some exercise at the same time!

4. Go to the zoo

If you have a zoo in your area, why not go to the zoo? Sometimes zoos offer a discount on admission and even free admission. Walk around the zoo holding hands, look at the animals, talk and enjoy the day!

5. Ask questions in a coffee shop

I know going out for coffee is not so romantic or fun, but one of the best ways to turn it into a fun and interesting date is to either make your own or buy question cards. Have one person ask something like “How old were you when you had your first kiss”, “What’s your favorite color,” etc. Take turns asking questions and answering. It’ll lead to funny answers, so you can get to know your date much better. But, please, don’t do this on your first date.

6. Have a private movie theatre

Going to the cinema can be disappointing, since you are surrounded by strangers or friends and you are not supposed to talk. And watching a movie at home means interference from parents or siblings. I have a great solution to this! Just take a bag of popcorn, sit in your driveway in your car and play a movie on portable DVD player or your laptop. If you don’t have a car, the closest park or your backyard will work great. Just make sure you charge your laptop battery well and take a blanket to sit on.

7. Have a 50/50 date

If you cannot decide on something you and your date want to do, think of having a 50/50 date. Just divide the day in half. You plan out the activities for the first part of the day and your date chooses activities for the second half. It’s great if you don’t share similar interests because you and your date get to do something you really want to do.

I know it can be boring and frustrating to do the same things over and over again. So switch things up and do something absolutely different. Hope you will like these creative dating ideas for teens! What great dating ideas do you have? Share your ideas with us, please.


Cheap and Creative Dating Ideas for Teens