Reasons NOT To Use Curse Words

For previous generations, using curse words in polite society was deemed totallyunacceptable. Now it’s not unusual to hear curse words being used on TV shows, in movies, and on the streets. People have slowly been desensitized to curse words. Hearing curse words spoken on a regular basis has become the norm. Though cursing is now considered somewhat normal, it’s still a good idea to reduce the number of expletives you use. Read on to find out why.

1. It Offends Certain People

In modern society, many people are not at all offended by curse words. However, there are still some individuals who find curse words offensive. For instance, people who are religious often find the use of curse words upsetting. What’s more, many elderly people still find curse words offensive. Do you really want to use language that other people find distasteful? Does using bad language in the presence of those who dislike it prove any kind of valid point?

2. It Makes You Sound Uneducated

Why do you use curse words? Some people hold that the opinion that those who use curse words do so because are lacking in vocabulary. In other words, they assume people curse because they cannot find better language with which to express their emotions. It’s easy to understand why some people think this way. After all, it is possible to express any opinion, sentiment or idea without using a single curse word. Of course, not everybody that uses expletives is uneducated. Some well-educated people curse simply because they got into the habit. Do you really want other people to assume you are lacking in education because you use a lot of curse words when you speak?

3. It Can Get You into Trouble

If you use curse words a lot, they will become part of your normal speech pattern. Hence you will come to use curse words without consciously thinking about it. When this happens, it’s easy to make a mistake and come out with an expletive in a situation where it’s completely inappropriate. For instance, you may slip up in the presence of your boss at work, in front of your child, when visiting your spouse’s extended family, or at a parent-teacher meeting. Using expletives when or where you shouldn’t can lead to negative consequences. You could end up losing your job, or your child could get into serious trouble at school because he uses the same language that he hears at home.

4. Lack of Meaning

Curse words are often used in a context that is devoid of any real meaning. Consider the F word for a moment. When you use the F word, how often are you actually referring to the act of having sex? In most cases, the F word is used for dramatic effect or to emphasis the strength of emotions. However, it is still possible express your feelings without using the F word at all. What’s more, your tone of voice and body language will convey the strength of your opinion on any given subject. Therefore adding curse words that don’t provide any extra meaning to what you say is really just a waste of breath.

5. Be an Individual

Some young people use curse words frequently because they think it makes them sound cool. Unfortunately, many younger people now use curse words. Hence there is nothing cool about it. If you really want to stand out from the crowd and be an individual, consider not using curse words.

6. Look for Alternatives

If you are used to using curse words on a regular basis, it can be quite difficult to break the habit. If you would like to use curse words less often, you will have to practice. It is a good idea to look for alternative words and practice using them as a substitute. For instance, some people use words like “fudge” or “sugar” in place of curse words that start with the same letter. The more you practice using alternative words, the easier it should become.

7. The Right Context

Even if you have the best of intentions, you may still find that you end up using the odd curse word. As long as you are making a sincere effort to tone down your cursing, you shouldn’t beat yourself up too badly when you slip up. Bear in mind that shouting a curse word when you stub your toe while getting up to use the bathroom is acceptable. If you can manage to avoid cursing at weddings, business meetings and other formal occasions, you’re doing well enough.

So how often do you use curse words and what is your reason NOT to use them in life?


Reasons NOT To Use Curse Words