Choosing Glasses That Make You Look Younger

Choosing Glasses That Make You Look Younger : When it comes to eyewear, your choices can make a huge difference. Glasses can age you or have the opposite effect, making you look younger and on-trend. Consider the guidelines below as you are shopping for the perfect glasses.

Stay in Tune With the Trends

It’s good to know exactly what current trends are. You may not choose to follow them, and older people trying to follow them can actually have the opposite effect of what they are hoping for. However, wearing the kind of glasses that were on-trend when you were 20 is almost definitely going to age you. There’s a balance to be struck here.

Find the Best Style

You’ll know that glasses come in a variety of styles. This is why designer eyeglasses have so many different options for you to choose from. You should always be led by what you like, so feel free to follow your intuition.

The best style is one that represents you and your personality, but a more contemporary look can help you to achieve the goal of looking younger. The type of glasses your grandpa wore might not be in fashion now.

Define the Right Shape

Getting the right shape of the glasses can give your whole face a younger look. This is about matching the shape of your face to the shape of the glasses, as well as for deciding on the right frames to have the facelift effect.

A lot of soft or round corners do a good job of making the facial features look softer and giving them an uplift rather than accentuating your age.

Females of a certain age tend to go for cat-eye designs which can do a good job of reducing your perceived age, and for men, rounded corners on a rectangular glass can do a good job of making your face appear fresh, and even decades younger.

Think about your face shape, too. Soft, rounded edges can be great if you have a thinner face or pointy features, helping to soften your face in the process. If you have a rounder face, more square and rectangular shapes might work to point out your features.

Choose the Right Color

Bright or cold-looking colors tend to do few favors for people of a certain age. These sorts of statements may be best on younger people. That said, if you can find something that helps to point out your best features, you could be onto a winner.

Warmer tones tend to be great for men and for women, with darker wood colors, browns, and other colors on the warm end of the spectrum such as burgundies and dark greens. These tend to look far better on the more sophisticated people in society.

Define the Size

Tiny glasses tend to be a problem as we age, especially if they are very thin vertically. Age makes people find it harder to focus on things close by, which can mean bifocals and varifocals are needed. If you go for thin and tiny glasses then it doesn’t leave much room for this.

Always ensure the glasses fit properly, too. An ill-fitting pair of glasses is never flattering no matter what your age.


Of course, your optician can advise you on the functionality and fit of your glasses, but the style will be down to you. Be sure to take your time to try on different eyeglasses and even experiment with apps that allow you to “virtually” try on styles to see what you like, you might even be surprised at how young some of them make you look.



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Choosing Glasses That Make You Look Younger

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