Choosing & Using a Home Blood Pressure Machine

Choosing & Using a Home Blood Pressure Machine : If you have high blood pressure, getting an accurate reading might mean the difference between life and death. Here’s how to choose and use a BP Monitor at home.

Choosing the right blood pressure machine

  • Make sure it fits: Your readings may be affected by an arm cuff that is the wrong size. Most devices come with conventional cuff sizes that would fit most adults’ arms, ranging from small to large. Check the device’s specifications to see what arm circumferences it can accommodate.
  • It’s quite acceptable to be frugal: A high-tech Bluetooth BP monitor can be pricey, but it might not be much better or more accurate than a model that costs considerably less. Many of the best blood pressure machine are less expensive.
  • Consider the characteristics: Do you want multiple cuffs? Do you require a device that can store data for several users? How about a big screen? These characteristics, as well as others, are available in various models.  to make check your blood pressure as easy as possible.
  • Easy Usage: Some monitors are more user friendly and easy to read. Look for one that is small and convenient to transport.
  • Accuracy: To assess the accuracy of automatic blood pressure measuring equipment, many standards and protocols are in use around the world. Double-check that the gadget you’ve chosen has been accuracy-tested, validated, and authorised by recognised organisations and confirm that the blood pressure monitor values are accurate

Bp Machine – Use

  1. Proper technique:

The most crucial things to remember are the arm position and to relax.

  • During the real testing, try not to move or speak.
  • The BP cuff should be placed around the heart level on the upper arm (upper chest). Sitting on a chair with the older person’s arm resting on a nearby table is an excellent technique to achieve this.
  • The arm that is wearing the cuff should be relaxed. Do not have the person raise and extend their arm. Another person may be required to support the arm up at the height of the upper chest.
  • When the patient is calm and relaxed, take their blood pressure. Blood pressure can be raised by talking, exercising, or becoming pumped up.
  1. When to check:

Before taking medication, check in the morning, according to common wisdom. However,

  • If an older person is taking the blood pressure medication, check their blood pressure about an hour after taking it, primarily if they have been concerned about falls, dizziness, or poor balance.
  • Check your blood pressure when sitting and standing if you’re worried about falling.
  • It’s best not to test shortly after you awaken.
  • Caffeine and smoke should be avoided for 30 minutes before the test.
  • Even if it’s only light walking, don’t exercise for half an hour before the test.
  • Make sure your bladder is empty.
  • Before you begin any testing, take the time to read the device’s instructions.
  1. How often to check your BP:

If you want to, you can even check your bp multiple times a day. Frequency of check depends on the state of the person’s health and the elder’s and caregiver’s availability.

  • Consider testing your blood pressure once a week if your health problems appear stable and there have been no recent prescription changes.
  • If your blood pressure medication has been altered, or you are concerned about an older person’s health, check at least once a day for seven days.

A home BP check machine is an essential tool for older folks, and we always urge that families buy one and learn how to use it. You can look at some of the best blood pressure machines at Dr Trust and bp machine prices are affordable.





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Choosing & Using a Home Blood Pressure Machine

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