Christmas Gifts for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Christmas is right around the corner and most of us are looking for special presents for our family and friends. If you’re going to buy gifts for a toddler or preschooler, these ideas can help save your time and nerves. It’s rather difficult to buy a perfect gift for toddler, this is why I decided to share these brilliant gift ideas with you. Keep reading and choose the best gift idea.

1. Small adventure


Make a list of places you would like to take your preschoolers to and plan the best time for it. You can visit the aquarium, the Children’s Museum, zoo, the crayon plant, etc. You can aslo choose any excursion and enjoy it with your children. They will be extremely happy and full of new impressions after such a small adventure.


2. Kid-friendly gadgets


I think everyone was asked “Do you have a game on your phone?” My phone is a forbidden thing for kids. It’s too costly to be in the tacky tiny hands of my 3 and 4 year children. That’s why I consider this present as one of the best for preschoolers. Each of my small kids has kid-friendly tablets. Such devices are ideal for preschoolers, containing numerous games and educational programs, favorite tunes and cartoons.


3. Favorite things


Do you know what your kid’s favorite things are? Preschoolers are those kids who constantly want something they enjoy. Just choose several of their most loved items something like Disney versions of just about everything with customized Disney subscription boxes that will make your kids happy!


4. A new car


You shouldn’t buy a real car to your kid, but the battery powered riding one will please any of them. Being a child I personally enjoyed driving in the yard in my Fisher Price Power Wheel Barbie Jeep! Nowadays there are plenty of sizes, characteristics and types of such children cars. It will be certainly a perfect present for your preschooler.


5. Musical instruments


It’s a good idea to purchase a set of mini drums for your tot and give your pans and pots some rest. Using them in tune with music may develop a great interest in it. All toddlers seem so lovely with their tiny drums and guitars. Enroll your preschoolers in a musical school, if you are sure they will be attentive and could learn how to play a particular instrument.


6. A pet


You can start to get acquaint children with pets in this age. You can set up a reef aquarium at your home, as fish are the most loveable and attractive pet. Kids who have pets at home will be more familiar with them. This will also provide a nice friendship for your tots. It’s better to make a small research beforehand and find out which pet will be the best to choose. You do not need a pet which is not compatible to your family and child’s lifestyle. Go to a nearest pet shelter and ask for information before buying an animal.


7. Tickets


If one of the most well-known circuses is coming to town take an advantage! Purchase several tickets for your small tots so they could see the performance in reality. Visiting circus is a wonderful experience for preschoolers. It can also be a great entertainment for the whole family.

Now you know what gifts you can give to your tots on Christmas. What presents would you like to present them this year?


Christmas Gifts for Toddlers and Preschoolers