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Are Gerbil Good Pets For Children?

Are Gerbil Good Pets For Children? Small mammals are a good pet to start teaching children respect for animals, cats and bird are most of them. Check out Litter Box for cats. It’s best to wait until your child is around five before buying them a gerbil. This is because they’ll be better able to understand their needs and what’s required […]

Get Your Kids On Woodworking Action

Get Your Kids On Woodworking Action: Are you concerned what your kids should be learning at an early age that combines fun and art; also can enhance their skills and abilities? The best answer to this dilemma is, ‘woodworking.’ 

Deaths due to birth defects can be prevented: WHO

Deaths due to birth defects can be prevented : A large number of deaths due to birth defects in children can be prevented through cost-effective measures within the existing health systems, the WHO said on Tuesday. ‘Birth defects are common, costly and critical health challenges globally and particularly in the South-East Asia region which reported 49,000 newborn deaths due to […]

How to Help Your Child Overcome Shyness

Shy children tend to feel uncomfortable and anxious in most situations. If your child is shy, it’s important to help your little one to overcome it when they are so young. Kids who suffer from shyness may grow up to be shy adults or they may grow out of it. As a mom, you can’t simply sit and wait for […]

Foods You Should Avoid When Breastfeeding

We all know that some foods are not good for our body, especially if you are a breastfeeding mom. We are adult and our bodies are stronger, and sometimes we didn’t even notice bad effect, but babies can feel them all. Some infants become too nervous or feel discomfort in their stomach. You must always pay attention to what you […]

New Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Kids

Finding gifts that your children will love opening on Christmas morning is an easy task thanks to the hundreds of toy commercials that play on repeat during the run up to the holidays. However, choosing a gift that your child won’t become bored of and discard before dinner can be more of a challenge. Here are 10 gift ideas that […]

Choosing a Baby Name

A little bundle of joy is about to be in your arms a few months from now, but you haven’t got any possible choices for names yet. How do you capture your unique style, incorporate your spouse’s choices, and give your baby a name she’ll be proud to live up to? Use these easy tips to choose a baby name […]

Get Your Kids to Eat Healthier

Every parent knows how it’s difficult to encourage healthy eating habits in kids. But with a few sneaky ways, you can easily get your kids to eat healthier so that they won’t even notice it. As a parent, you need to encourage you child to eat healthier food. Not only will they grow up healthier, but they’ll also have a […]

Help Your Children Reach Their Goals

When children grow up they usually begin to make plans for future and choose a profession they would like to get. But at this early age they are not experienced enough to make a good choice and all their dreams may turn out to be futile. Thus, it is important for all parents to respect their children’s decision and direct […]

Wonderful Birthday Party for Your Toddler

Birthday is the most favorite and desirable event for all people. We look forward to this great event that is usually celebrated with our family and friends. When it comes to your toddler’s birthday you become especially concerned. It is necessary to think over every detail and plan everything beforehand in order to have an unforgettable birthday party. Surely, all […]