Climbing Kilimanjaro Solo for Women: A Solo Female Travel Guide

Climbing Kilimanjaro Solo for Women: A Solo Female Travel Guide
Climbing Kilimanjaro Solo for Women: A Solo Female Travel Guide

Climbing Kilimanjaro Solo for Women: A Solo Female Travel Guide : What’s trending on every social media platform today are the Solo Female Travel Destinations among which Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro has emerged as the latest inclination. The number of Women Climbing Kilimanjaro has seen a huge surge in 2019 and the Post-Pandemic Era also promises some great evolution.

So why are so many women going solo on Kilimanjaro? Why Climbing Kilimanjaro Solo is the new normal for women? Let’s find out!

Why do we see an increased number of Kilimanjaro Solo Female Hikers?

Kilimanjaro Solo Female Hikers are achieving great heights and setting some awesome travel goals for their fellow solo female travelers. How amazing it is to see groups of Private and Group Kilimanjaro Climbs being accompanied by women every year.

But what has brought this new emerging trend into the travel style that everyone loves to follow? Kilimanjaro climbing tours have become increasingly safe and accessible for women. With the female guides and porters accompanying you and some of the best-experienced travelers, Climbing Kilimanjaro Solo is the new normal for women.

Kilimanjaro Safety for Female Solo Travelers should be First Priority

According to the statistics, at least half of the climbers on the mountain are women. It can be an increasing number of LGBT trekkers and those bringing children to Kilimanjaro, and many other girls are choosing to climb Kilimanjaro solo.

Make sure you are safe and actualize in the following manner:

  • Kilimanjaro guides and Porters are both Men and women who are friendly and caring and look after your Kilimanjaro Safety constantly.
  • Till date, there has been not a single case of any attack or issues faced by any solo female climber on the mountain.
  • Choosing the right trekking company which is reputed and well-established is important.
  • Travel experts provide you with details of other Solo Female climbers who are joining the group, to pair you perfectly so that you feel safe.
  • In the Kilimanjaro Camps, tent sharing will be arranged with other female climbers.
  • Female Kilimanjaro porters who accompany you may not speak English but do provide the support in case you have to share some concerns or ask for help.

Some Kilimanjaro Safety Tips for Women

Your Kilimanjaro Safety is in safe hands and the rules on the mountain are the same for both men and women:

  • During the day you can pretty much wander wherever you want.
  • Watch out for pickpockets at busy places (eg markets) and maybe leave your valuables with your hotel reception.
  • But, other than that, feel free to wander around Moshi, Arusha (and Dar) as you wish.
  • But after dark, don’t head out alone. Either go with a group (preferably) or take a taxi booked by your hotel/restaurant.

Most Essential Kilimanjaro women’s packing list

The Kilimanjaro Women’s Packing List should be lightweight and can include the following:

  • Among the most essential products that we would recommend is a ‘she-wee’ (or she-wee, or she-pee, or miss-piss). This helps you pee safe on the mountain.
  • The Kilimanjaro clothing list is very much similar to men’s as is for women.
  • When it comes to underwear you’ll probably want to wear a bra: the best option here is a non-cotton sports bra that wicks the sweat away from your skin (and thus stops you from getting cold).
  • Do remember to bring some strong sun protection for your lips
  • Hand warmers are a good idea, and not just for your hands either. You can put them in your boots before you put them on, in your gloves, and your bra.
  • Pantyliners, min-pads, hand, and vaginal wipes are all recommended by female climbers on Kili too.
  • In case your period coincides with your climb then, Climbing Kilimanjaro becomes tough. You can carry some moisturizers or Vaseline for the same.
  • Also please remember to bring paper bags with you to collect your used sanitary products and toilet roll in.

What’s Climbing Kilimanjaro like for women?

Both men and women have a similar experience on the mountain:

  • While walking the similar Kilimanjaro Routes, interacting with the same Kilimanjaro Crew members, Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro is practically the same for both men and women.
  • There have been many stories of women losing weight during the mountain trek as well.
  • The only complicated part for women climbing Kilimanjaro is going to the toilet on the trail.
  • However, you are provided with portable private toilets on Kilimanjaro for your absolute safety.
  • The Kilimanjaro Climb Cost is the same for women as is for men – $2000 to $4000 for mid-range to luxury climbs.

Woman climbing Kilimanjaro: Some Accomplishments

There have been numerous stories of many brave women climbing Kilimanjaro solo. Among these are:

  • Christa Singleton climbed Kilimanjaro in 2016 but couldn’t reach the summit. “In 2017 she founded the Curvy Kili Crew, a group of 20 plus-size women who set the goal of climbing Kilimanjaro this year for International Women’s Day.” How great is that?
  • In 1927, when mountaineering was still dominated by men, Sheila MacDonald, a 22-year old woman from London, was the first recorded woman to climb Mount Kilimanjaro.
  • 8-year-old Roxy Getter became the youngest woman ever to summit Mount Kilimanjaro but she didn’t do it solo.

There are many other amazing stories of numerous women attempting Kilimanjaro Solo Climbs and you can be part of them too. Just negotiate with tour operates for some convincing Packages and you can customize your trek itinerary all by yourself. How does that sound?






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Climbing Kilimanjaro Solo for Women: A Solo Female Travel Guide

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